Home Rule Charter Commission

The Home Rule Charter Commission is tasked with drafting a governance Charter for the Town of Erie. The drafted Charter will be put to all Town residents for a vote in 2023. The Charter Commission has a responsibility by State statute to complete a draft of a Charter within 180 days from their election - this will be May 5, 2023. The draft will then be sent to the Board of Trustees for that body to move the Charter forward as a ballot measure.


Meeting Notes

Meeting Agendas are available online no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. View posted agendas and meeting notes.

Weekly Poll

  1. Should our Town Councillors be elected at-large, or via districts/wards? Impact: At-large means the the entire town votes to select every Councillor. Using districts/wards would divide the town into three (3) distinct areas and have each area elect two (2) representatives (plus a separately elected mayor).

    1 Days Left

  2. Should we hold our municipal elections in November on odd OR on even years? Impact: Even years would align with national/federal elections, odd years would not. Both would still allow coordinated elections (managed by the counties) and would save on costs compared to our current April elections.

    1 Days Left

  3. What should we call ourselves: the Town of Erie OR the City of Erie? Impact: There is no legal or functional difference. This is simply a label for Erie moving forward. There will be a cost associated with changing all collateral to City, spread out over time.

    1 Days Left

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The Commission consists of nine members, all of whom must be bona fide residents of the Town and were elected in the November 2022 Coordinated Election.

Ashraf ShaikhEmail
Sarah KornelyEmail
Chelsea CampbellEmail
Brian O'ConnorEmail
Lisa CunninghamEmail
Bob BraudesEmail
Adam HaidEmail
Candace WhitehouseEmail
Ben HemphillEmail

For More Information

For more information, please email the Town Clerk or call 303-926-2731.

Note: All board/commission/ad hoc committee communications (written or electronic) are subject to CRS 24-72-201 through 24-72-206, the Open Records Act.

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