LGBTQ+ Liaisons

The LGBTQ+ Law Enforcement Liaison is an advocate for members of the LGBTQ+ community. The liaison builds solid relationships and encourages reporting of hate crimes. In Erie, three sworn officers (a School Resource Officer, a Sergeant, and a Detective) serve as LGBTQ liaisons.

Out To Protect Academy

Our LGBTQ+ Liaisons are participants of the LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Academy by Out To Protect. Upon graduation, the liaisons will have:

  • Identified the key tasks and responsibilities of an LGBT Liaison.
  • Developed communication pathways between the LGBT Liaison and the community.
  • Identified key people and community organizations to create relationships and partnerships with as an LGBT Liaison.
  • Created a community event designed to build trust.
  • Demonstrated how to develop and deliver LGBT awareness training for members of law enforcement
  • Demonstrated how to identify a hate crime and the basic investigative steps required to prepare a case for prosecution.


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LGBTQ LE Liaisons