Allo Fiber

The Town of Erie has been actively pursuing technology and infrastructure projects to keep pace with community growth. These projects offer direct community benefit and present revenue-generating opportunities and possible budget savings that maximize the impact of local tax dollars. 

For the past year, the Town of Erie was in discussions with executives from Allo Communications – an established cable, internet, and non-cellular phone service provider – who were interested in exploring a Town-wide fiber project throughout Erie and in opening a brick-and-mortar location that would bring new jobs to the community.

The Board of Trustees approved franchise agreements with Allo at their Regular Meeting on March 22, 2022. The company will build a 10 Gigabit network, providing interested residents with internet speeds as fast as 2.3 Gigabit equal upload and download speeds. Additionally, Allo’s fiber-rich network will support businesses of all sizes. Services will include internet, data transport, video (TV), voice, phone systems, and redundant connectivity to AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers. 

Given Erie’s population growth, ongoing work-from-home activity, and increased use of mobile connectivity in our daily lives, the demand for reliable internet connectivity has never been higher. A new town-wide high speed fiber network will also expand and enhance essential internet access for existing Erie businesses and the growth and stability of the service could help attract new primary employers and retail/service companies.

Other Town projects that may benefit from a partnership with ALLO include: 

  • Security Cameras in Parks
  • Waterline/Fiber Collaboration
  • Downtown Erie Improvements (Burying Cables Underground)

Fiber Network Construction

Allo Communications will begin construction of the fiber network in October 2022. Throughout the stages of construction, residents and businesses will receive advance notice by mail of necessary work in yards and easements. The Allo team may also knock on doors to explain the process and answer any fiber construction questions.

The expected construction process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Allo designs the fiber-optic route to provide service to businesses and homes.
  • Step 2: Allo partners with contractors to install underground ductwork.
  • Step 3Allo accesses each splice vault and pedestal to splice the fiber that will connect to businesses and homes. The connection will then be tested to ensure fast, symmetrical speeds.
  • Step 4: When internet, TV, and phone service is ordered, Allo connects the fiber from the pedestal to the home or business before the service installation.

Visit Allo's full list of FAQs about the construction process and fill out a contact form with any questions about construction in our community.

FAQs are listed below and will be updated and more added as the project continues.

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