1. Submittal Requirements
  2. Required furnace inspections
  3. required air conditioner inspections
  4. Helpful Information

All listed items must be submitted regardless of submittal method.

  1. Completed and signed "Miscellaneous Permit" application
  2. Be sure to include the following information in the description:
    • Which equipment is included (furnace, A/C, both)?
    • Is this replacement or additional?
    • Fuel type (electric, gas, propane)
    • Efficiency ratings
    • Location (basement mechanical room, 2nd floor closet, crawlspace, etc.)
    • Indicate if location is changing
    • BTU and combustion air calculation if needed
  3. Homeowner Affidavit if the homeowner/occupant proposed to complete any of the work themselves or act as their own general contractor.  (must own and occupy the property as primary residence to qualify)