Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers enhance Town of Erie government services and enrich the quality of life for our community. In that spirit, the Town is adding new ways to get involved all the time. 

One long-term volunteer program has been with the Parks & Recreation Department, Volunteers have provided more than 9,500 hours to assisting Parks & Recreation successfully host special events, coach youth sports, assist with Active Adult programs, and help keep our Town parks and open spaces beautiful.

Volunteers in Police ServicesAdditionally, the Town has been using Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS) for police functions to enhance service and community outreach, helps improve the quality of life. Volunteers serve as Chaplains, Victim Advocates, Restorative Justice facilitators, event planners, photographers, data entry, and more.

See below for available opportunities that are one-time or ongoing with the Town of Erie. 

Parks & Recreation

Erie Parks and Recreation's volunteer needs will only continue to grow so volunteers for any of the activities/events below are welcomed!

Active Adults

  • Special Events
  • Lunch Program
  • Drop-In Activity Leader
  • Class Instructor
  • Softball and Volleyball Team Captain

Boy and Girl Scout Projects

The Town of Erie welcomes the opportunity to work with local scouts who need to coordinate a service project to fulfill the requirements of their perspective organizations.

If you are interested in coordinating a service project within the Town of Erie, please complete the application and the appropriate staff will coordinate with your project.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • General project description
  • Project timeline
  • Estimated project cost
  • Benefits of the project to the community and its residents

Special Events

Special Event volunteer opportunities are available for ages 16 and older. 

Youth Sports Coaches

Head Coaches must be 18 years of age or older. Anyone under the age of 18 interested in helping will be paired with a Head Coach a play a supporting coaching role.

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Softball/Baseball
  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball

Zero Waste Champions

The Town of Erie has a commitment to reducing waste sent to the landfill. To do that, Zero Waste Champions can help with education, clean-up, sorting, and collecting waste. Typically Zero Waste Champions will volunteer as Special Events.

Your role as a Zero Waste Champion ensures waste is being diverted correctly, which:

  • Keeps our community clean
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions (aka reduces the impact of climate change)
  • Protects wildlife and biodiversity
  • Reduces consumption of natural resources
  • Helps make sustainability accessible and equitable for the whole community

Town staff leads the training for this volunteer opportunity and we keep you informed of opportunities to serve. Volunteers keep the staff informed on the happenings throughout Erie, and you help change the world right where you work, play, and live! 

Visit the Zero Waste Champions information page for more details and any upcoming opportunities for training or service.


The Adopt-A-Road Program is open to any group, family, or single individual within the Town of Erie.

Adopting a road is a one year commitment to remove trash from the designated roadway a minimum of twice a year. This cleanup should happen between the first weekend of April through mid-May, and the first weekend of September through mid-October. With more clean-up in the summer months as optional. 

Visit the Adopt-a-Road webpage for more details.

Volunteer Incentive Program

As an incentive and a big thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers, the Volunteer Incentive Program offers:

  • Active Adult Volunteer:
    • Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for all volunteers.
  • Erie Community Center Volunteer (determined when needed):
    • 6 volunteer hours = Two (2) day passes
    • 12 volunteer hours = Ten (10) punch pass
  • Parks Volunteer:
    • One Event = Volunteer t-shirt (if applicable) and two (2) day passes to the ECC.
  • Special Event Volunteer:
    • Two (2) day passes per event worked.
    • Volunteer shirt (if applicable).
    • Meal at the event.
  • Sports Volunteer Coaches:
    • Each season coached, head coaches receive a photo plaque of their team.
    • First and second season = Coach t-shirt, free youth sports registration for one child per team coached, and two (2) day passes.
    • Three seasons (not necessarily consecutive) = Free youth sports registration for one child per team coached, 10 punch pass, and free room rental for team party for third season coached.
    • After three seasons = The process starts over; the coach receives first season awards.
  • Volunteer Referral Program:
    • Receive two (2) free guest passes for each volunteer you refer to the Erie Community Center.

Additional Opportunities Nearby

Minimum Age


Allegiance Ranch and Equine Rescue
3448 CR 4, Erie

All ages welcome those under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Livestock chores such as mucking stalls, general clean up, and grooming horses. No experience around horses is necessary. 
  • Misc. Projects (ex: painting)
Coal Creek Meals on Wheels
  • Admin or Special Projects
  • Ambassador
  • Bagger
  • Driver (regular or substitute)
  • Kitchen Helper
  • Café: Serving or Hosting
Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center

11968 Mineral Road, Longmont         303-652-9131

The minimum age for volunteers is 14 with horse experience (and contingent upon interview) or 16 without horse experience.
  • Horse Leading
  • Side Walking
  • Barn Team

Cultivate: Seniors flourishing in every community

Opportunities available in Broomfield and Boulder Counties
  • Carry-Out Caravan
  • VetsGo
  • Fit-It
  • SnowBusters
  • YardBusters
  • Retired Serior
Erie Chamber of Commerce

235 Wells Street. Erie

  • Special Events
  • 18+ Needed to Serve Alcohol at Events
Erie Community Food Bank
635 Pierce Street, Erie
  • Shelving/Sorting Food Items
  • Unloading Donations
  • Stocking Items
  • Weighing Food
  • Record Keeping
Erie Community Library
400 Powers Street, Erie
Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Returning Reading Material to Shelves
  • Assist with Summer Reading Program
  • Special Events
  • Craft Project Preparation
  • Computer Tasks
Erie Rotary Club

  • Engage in the Community
  • Serving Seniors
  • Supporting Students
  • Rotary International
Erie Uplink
PO Box 1424, Erie
Email Erie Uplink

  • Make Seasonal Crafts/Notes
  • Pack Tiger Packs
  • Pick up food
  • Sort Donations
Good Samaritan Hospital

200 Exempla Circle, Lafayette

  • Floor Host
  • Visit Patients with Therapy Dogs
  • Clerical/Other Support Tasks
  • Assist at Welcome Desk
  • Raise Funds in Gift Shop
Luvin Arms
3470 CR7, Erie

  • Tour guide
  • Visitor Center Attendant
  • Property Maintenance
  • Outreach Events
  • Office/Special Projects
RSVP Volunteers in Service
Email RSVP Weld County
  • Reading Partner
  • SHOP Handyman Service
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Veterans' Outreach
  • Grocery Program
Sister Carmen Community Center
655 Aspen Ridge Drive, Lafayette
303-665-4342 ext. 142 
Under 14 must be accompanied by adult.
  • Food Bank: Sort Food and Stock Shelves
  • Thrift Store: Organize, Sort and Price
  • Community Garden: Maintain Organic Garden
  • Clerical Support: Front Desk Host and Data Entry
Transportation Assistance : 60+ Ride

  • Transportation Assistance
  • Grocery and Essentials Delivery