Schofield Farm Open Space

The Strategic Plan for Schofield Farm Open Space, located at 2203 North 111th Street in Erie, was accepted by the Board of Trustees on February 13, 2018.

The Schofield Farm Open Space Plan will serve as a useful tool to guide preservation and development efforts for this unique open space site.

The Town completed a Historic Structures Assessment in 2020 to assess the condition of the structures and assist in a phasing plan for stabilization and future improvements.  The Town also completed construction documents to improve the site drainage and needed utility infrastructure.  Both projects were funded by grants by the State Historical Fund totaling over $63,000.  

The Town has received another $250,000 grant from the State Historical Fund to fund design, engineering, and construction to rehabilitate the Schofield Farm House.  Rehabilitation is currently underway and anticipated to be complete in Q3 of 2023.

View the Historic Structures Assessment in its entirety.

Through an Economic Development Administration grant, a partnership between Erie Makerspace and the Town of Erie was established determining Schofield Farm will soon be home to Erie Makerspace. 

Visit the Economic Development Project webpage for more information on Erie Makerspace project.

Erie's Old House: Schofield Farmhouse Rehabilitation Project