Transportation Progress

Graph of transportation types in ErieTypically, the transportation sector is approximately one-third to one-half of a community’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Erie is unique in that it is largely a “bedroom community” where most people commute to a nearby city for work. Erie is home to roughly 30,000 people who use passenger vehicles as their preferred mode of transportation.

Although the most common mode of transportation is the passenger vehicle, there are opportunities in Erie to increase multi-modal options and encourage fewer trips in single occupancy vehicles. By 2025, the Town aims to add one additional daily bus route and increase public transit ridership by 10%. Additionally, Erie plans to increase the share of registered EVs in the community by 25% by 2025!

Sustainability Plan Transportation Progress

Strategy Progress
T1. Collaborate with regional agencies to develop approaches to provide safe and sustainable transportation management services and transit access within the community, in alignment with Erie’s Transportation Plan.  Needs more development
T2. Ensure that all community members have safe and well-maintained access to sidewalks, bike lands, and walking paths within current and new development.  On Track
T3. Require multi-modal connectivity and transit-oriented development principles at all new commercial developments to address first and last mile connections.  Needs more development
T4. Develop multi-lingual wayfinding and signage on trails, roads, and paths to support greater use of alternative forms of transportation. Needs more development
T5. Focus on sustainable economic development opportunities and assets that increase the number of employers and jobs in Erie.  Needs more development
T6. Develop a community-wide anti-idling campaign.  In Progress
T7. Increase the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road through equitable programs and policies such as bulk purchase programs and improved charging infrastructure.  On Track
T8. Develop EV-ready building codes for residential and commercial new construction and incentivize during retrofit projects for existing residential and commercial buildings.  In Progress
T9. Switch government fleet vehicles to electric vehicles or other high-efficiency vehicles within the replacement cycle (or sooner) and when appropriate models are available.  Stagnant
T10. Support state and regional goals for EV adoption, and work with regional partners and neighboring communities to reach these goals.  On Track

Supporting Projects

The Town has two new electric vehicle charging stations in the Town Hall parking lot open 24/7. This is adding to the planned grid in Erie which already includes other stations at the Erie Community Center and other area in Town. Download the ChargePoint app to use the charging stations.

Interested in carpooling or vanpooling to work? The WayToGo program provides support in finding people in your community to commute with.

Ride with JUMP from Erie to Boulder and back! This bus route stops at Erie Pkwy & Brennan Street, Erie Pkwy & Meller St, and the Erie Community Center.

Erie is hiring a Long Range Planner who will support achieving the sustainability goals not only in the transportation sector, but throughout all development plans Town-wide beginning with the Comprehensive Plan update beginning in the Summer 2022.

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Last updated July 2022