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There are several ways to apply for permits. Please use only one method.  Please do not apply more than once.

Please see the "Permit Submittal and Inspection Requirements" page for information on submittal requirements. PREFERRED METHOD OF SUBMITTAL IS VIA THE CUSTOMER SELF SERVICE PORTAL.  EMAIL SUBMITTALS MAY TAKE LONGER TO PROCESS.

Apply for Permits via the...

Button to Building Division Service portal Opens in new windowPlease be advised, staff is not notified when additional documents are uploaded to the Portal.  If you are providing additional information, uploading a requested document, or submitting a revised plan, please send an email indicating you have done this so the document(s) may be processed.

Apply for permits via email

Applications can be printed from the Building Permit Applications page and sent in with all required documentation to the Building Division to the email address on the application.

Rapid Plan Review

Wednesdays, plan review staff will be on-hand to review residential permit applications for simple projects including basement finishes, decks, and pergolas. Not all projects qualify for rapid review. It will be at the discretion of the plans examiner as to whether or not a project qualifies for rapid review. We are currently only accepting 2 RAPID REVIEWS per weekLimited to one RAPID REVIEW per person/company. Any applications made after that will go on the following weeks RAPID REVIEW. 

  1. Applicants may request a rapid review appointment via email. The email subject shall say "RAPID REVIEW REQUEST".  
  2. All documentation for review (application, construction documents, homeowner affidavit, etc.) shall be submitted electronically at least 36 hours in advance (by 4 p.m. on Monday).
  3. If you would like to request an appointment to review your RAPID REVIEW on Wednesdays with the plans examiner, it will be scheduled for either 20 or 30 minutes depending on the scope of the project. If a review will require more than this amount of time, it does not qualify for rapid review.

All contractors on the project shall have current Town of Erie license and current certificate of insurance on file for permit to be issued. 

Limit of one plan reviewed per person/company.

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