Roof Replacement - Residential

Roof inspections are completed by drone. By applying for a roofing permit you are consenting to inspection by drone.

  1. Submittal Requirements
  2. Required Inspections
  3. Helpful Information
  1. Completed application
    • Be sure to note in the description the type of roofing to be installed and the number of squares to be installed
  2. Homeowner affidavit if the homeowner/occupant proposes to complete the work themselves (must own and occupy the property as primary residence to qualify)

A permit is required when more than one square of roof covering is to be replaced over the aggregate area of the roof. Every slope where roof covering is to be replaced shall be replaced in its entirety. The interface of different types of roof coverings shall only occur at a ridge, hip, or open valley. A roof covering replacement requiring a permit shall comply with the ventilation requirements of Section R806 as applicable. (Section R908)