The Town of Erie Municipal Code 4-8-11 authorizes alcoholic beverage tastings for licensed retail liquor stores and liquor-licensed drugstores. The establishment must notify the Town Clerk of the intended date, location, and hours of tasting 72 hours prior to the event. Pursuant to State provisions of CRS 44-3-301 (10), a licensee is limited to doing tastings only 156 times/year. Malt, vinous and spirituous tastings are authorized to be conducted on the licensed premises of a retail liquor store licensee or of a liquor-licensed drugstore located within the Town of Erie limits.

Permit regulations: Any permit issued is subject to the following:

  • Only persons 21 years of age or older may possess or consume fermented malt beverages.
  • There shall be no sale of fermented malt beverage pursuant to the permit.
  • No person possessing or consuming fermented malt beverage pursuant to the permit shall behave in an unruly, disorderly manner.

Checklist of Required Documents

  • Tasting Permit Application (required once a year).
  • Proof of Training/Control Plan (required once a year).
  • List of employees that have completed the required training, including the date when training was completed.
  • Tastings shall be conducted only by a person who has completed a server training program that meets the standards established by the Liquor Enforcement Division in the Department of Revenue and who is either a retail liquor store licensee or a liquor-licensed drugstore licensee, or an employee of a licensee, and only on a licensed premise.
  • Attach a written Control Plan demonstrating how tastings will be conducted to ensure compliance with applicable requirements. Include diagrams if necessary.
  • List of Scheduled Tastings (required monthly if multiple tastings are planned). Schedule must include dates, times of tastings, and assigned server.
  • Only 1 application is required each year.
  • The business will be responsible for emailing the Clerk’s office each month an updated list of scheduled tastings form to townclerk@erieco.gov.

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