Electric Vehicle Information

Electric Vehicle Incentives and Resources

(The Town of Erie does not manage your electric utility. Call your utility provider directly for more information. Find your utility provider here.)

  • Tax Credits:
    • Colorado Tax Credits:
      • $5,000 tax credit (beginning July 1st 2023 for vehicles up to $80,000 MSRP)
      • Additional $2,500 for EVs under $35,000 beginning January 1st 2024 
      • $1,500 for 2-year minimum leases
      • $4,000 or 30% of purchase price for used EV's.
    • Federal Tax Credits:
      • Up to $7,500 federal tax credit for new EV (see various requirements to receive full amount)
  • Xcel Energy Rebates:
    • $500 rebate for purchasing and installing an EV charger. Income qualified customers can qualify for up to $1,300 rebate.
    • Income qualified rebates up to $5,500 when purchased or leased from a Colorado-based car dealer
  • United Power
    • Rebate toward the cost of a level 2 vehicle charger. 50% of cost up to $1,000 for United EV Program participants.
  • Alternative Fuels Data Center - repository of all local, statewide, and federal incentives.

Erie is Committed

The Town of Erie is committed to increasing the number of electric vehicles on the road and improving charging infrastructure in the Town. To support this, the Public Works Department and Sustainability Division now offer public electric vehicle charging stations for the community's use. These charging stations are available 24/7 and are part of the ChargePoint network. Erie has a goal to partner with local electricity providers, counties, and neighboring municipalities to create a cohesive EV charging network and install 25 publicly available charging stations by 2025.

Electric Vehicle and charging stationTo access and use the ChargePoint stations, download the ChargePoint app and follow instructions to create an account. 

The cost of charging your electric vehicle is $0.15/kWh and can be covered with a credit card or through the ChargePoint app. All vehicles can be left at the charging station for up to 4 hours & 15 minutes. After this time a $25 charge will be applied to your account with a maximum charge of $35. Spaces are intended to be a shared community asset and this system helps encourage that shared use.

To report a combustion engine vehicle parked at the EV charging station, please call the non-emergency police dispatch line at 303-441-4444.

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