Petition Guidelines

After submitting a liquor license application for consideration, the Licensing office will set a Public Hearing. Before approving a liquor license application, the Local Licensing Authority must consider the reasonable requirements of the neighborhood and the desires of the adult inhabitants as evidenced by documentation from residents and/or businesses within a ½ mile radius of the address to be licensed. The burden of providing such evidence (petitions, letters, or other means of evidence) is placed on the applicant.

Signatures obtained from door-to-door petitioning must be from residents and business owners/managers of the Authority-defined neighborhood. Please note that only door-to-door petitions will be considered by the Local Licensing Authority. For the resident petitions, all persons signing must be at least 21 years of age and reside in the neighborhood. For the business petitions, all persons signing must be at least 21 years of age and own and/or manage a business in the defined neighborhood. 

You must provide the Authority with sufficient evidence to support its findings that: 

  1. The reasonable requirements of the neighborhood establish a need for the issuance of the requested license.
  2. That the desires of the adult inhabitants dictate the issuance of the license. 
  3. The Authority will also be looking to assure that a good sampling of the designated neighborhood was taken.

Each petitioner who has collected petition results door-to-door must include a signed "Affidavit of Circulator" that is notarized indicating that he/she personally witnessed each signature appearing on the petition and that, to the best of his/her knowledge, each signature is the signature of the person whose name it purports to be and that the address given opposite the person's name is the true residential or business address of the person signing the petition. 

Failure to affix a completed Affidavit of the Circulator, including notarization and the ½ mile radius map may cause petition invalidity concerns to be raised by the Authority.

The Local Licensing Authority recommends all new liquor applications to contract with a professional survey firm. The following firm provides petition services:

LiquorPros INC
5515 Saddle Rock Place 
Colorado Springs, CO 80918