Tree Planting Programs

The Town of Erie has three tree programs that are offered to Erie residents and businesses! 

To be eligible for a program, purchase must be made during the optimal planting period. Spring: March 15-June 15 or Fall: September 1-October 15. 

Tree must be one of the approved trees from the Approved Tree Species.

  • Excluding ash and dwarf varieties or trees with an expected mature height of less than 12 feet. 
  • Deciduous trees must be 1.5-inch caliper or greater.
  • Evergreens must be at least 6 feet tall.

Submission of an application does not guarantee a rebate. Rebates are processed on a first-come, first serve basis until quantities are exhausted. 

  1. Residential Tree Rebate
  2. HOA Tree Cost Share 
  3. School & Non-Profit Tree Cost Share

Town of Erie residents may be eligible to receive up to a $200.00 credit on their utility bill for a qualifying tree purchase!

Qualify for a Rebate:

  • Qualifying trees must be planted at the Town of Erie address listed on your application. 
  • The rebate is applicable only towards the cost of the tree, and may not be used toward the purchase of garden supplies, sod, bushes, shrubs of any kind, labor or any other cost associated with the tree purchase.  
  • Current Town of Erie utilities customer with non-delinquent account.
  • Tree must be an approved tree species, as determined by the Town Forester.
  • Resident will call 811 Notification Center of Colorado for locates prior to digging.
  • If you are not planting the tree yourself, use a Town of Erie Licensed Arborist.  Trees must be planted in accordance with Tree Planting Specifications.
  • Resident will not plant tree in the right of way area without a tree work permit.
  • Accept all planting and ongoing care of the tree.

Rebate is limited to one rebate per year, per household.

Complete Residential Tree Rebate Application.