Permanent Modification of Premises

After a modification of premises application is filed with the Town Clerk’s office, the file is reviewed, and any deficiencies are reported to the applicant prior to the consideration of the application by the Clerk’s Office. Your application is deemed “received” when the application is completed in full and ALL required documents including payments have been provided.  

Generally, these applications are approved administratively by the Clerk’s Office unless they require a hearing. If the application is approved at the administrative level, the Town Clerk’s office will forward the application to the Colorado Department of Revenue, Liquor Licensing Division for review and approval.    Typically, the State will process the application and mail the State’s liquor license to the Town Clerk’s Office within 3-4 weeks.   The Town of Erie license is then prepared, and both licenses are issued to the applicant.  A final inspection will be required before a license can be issued.

Please file your application with all documentation and payment, to the Town Clerk’s Office no later than 45 days prior to your license expiration or the licensee may face delays, additional fees, possible temporary suspension from State, or Local Licensing Authority (LLA) hearing.  If you have had a violation(s)/disturbance(s) during the last year, then you will be required to attend a hearing with the LLA, scheduled by the Clerk’s office.  The LLA hearings occur on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and occur at the Erie Municipal Court located at 1000 Telleen Avenue Erie, CO 80516.

State Resources

Application and Checklist

While the Town Clerk’s office is available to provide some assistance in the application process, the Clerk cannot provide legal advice and cannot make any representations or assurances as to the final outcome of the process. It is certainly not essential that you seek the assistance of an attorney to guide you through this process; although you may strongly consider doing so. In many instances, legal assistance can help you move through the process more quickly and with fewer complications.

Please be sure the entire application and supporting documentation is single-sided.

 Please submit a completed Permit Application & Report of Changes (DR 8442) to

Proof of Possession of Property. Deed (or) Lease. The lease must match the applicant’s name.

Floor Plan. Floor diagram of premises (8½" x 11" only) with dimensions included. The diagram does not have to be to scale, but must accurately reflect the area to be licensed, including depictions of the following:

  • 2 Floor diagrams (8½" x 11" only): (1) current premises; (2) premises after changes. Diagrams MUST be  legible
  • Show North orientation
  • Exterior areas showing control of the licensed premises (fences, walls, doors, gates, etc)
  • Separate diagram for each floor plan (if multiple levels), outlined in red to indicate the boundary (including external and internal walls, doors, fences, gates, restrooms, and etc.)
  • Must be an exact representation of the licensed premise. 
  • Include length and width of exterior walls and interior wall, including built-in bars
  • The diagram must identify the kitchen area if the applicant is applying for a Hotel and Restaurant class liquor license. The diagram of the kitchen must include the range, refrigerator, sinks, dishwashers, and other industrial equipment.
  •  Location of the proposed licensed premises designating where alcoholic beverages will be sold, served, stored, distributed, or consumed.
  • The diagram must have the licensed liquor area outlined in red.
  • Exterior areas must show the type of fencing, walls, etc.
  • The floor plan that is submitted must match the previous owner's floor plan that Excise and Licenses has on file