Modification of Premises (Permanent & Temporary)

An entity wanting to make any changes to a currently licensed premises must complete and submit the required State application with all required documents to the Town Clerk’s Office before any changes are made. Alcohol beverages CANNOT be served in the modified area until the State Permit is issued. It is important to pay attention to what documents are requested specific to each type of modification.

Start Application

Application Checklist:

  • State Application - DR 8442
  • Lease or Deed
  • Diagram of current premises
  • Diagram showing modifications.
  • Any additional documentation specific to the modification being made.
  • Zoning/planning confirmation if there is an addition.
  • Payment to the State specified on the state’s application.

The application will be reviewed by the Clerk’s Office and the applicant will be notified of any discrepancies and if a hearing is required. The approved application will be sent to the state for approval. Once approved the applicant will need to schedule a premise inspection with Erie Police Department before the modification permit can be issued.