Transfer of Ownership - Liquor Licenses

To transfer an existing liquor license, an entity must complete a transfer of ownership application with all supporting documentation to the Town Clerk’s Office. A Temporary Transfer Permit may be granted only after the legal transfer of the business has taken place, an inspection of the premises has been completed, and the $100 fee has been paid to the Town of Erie.  

Start Application

Application Check List:

  • Temporary Transfer of Ownership Permit Application (if applicable)
  • New State License Application
    1. DR 8403 New Application Colorado Beer and Wine License Application
    2. DR 8404 New ApplicationLiquor Retail License Application 
  • Individual History Record Form (DR 8404-I)
    1. Financial Documents specified on the DR 8404-I form.
  • Fingerprints
  • List of all notes and loans (if applicable)
  • Proof of possession of property
  • Floor Diagram
  • Corporate/Ownership Documents
  • Wholesaler Affidavit of Compliance Form (DR 8004)
  • Payment to the State and Town of Erie (Fee Schedule)

The application will be reviewed by the Erie Liquor Licensing Authority and the applicant will be notified if a hearing is required.