Renewal Application - Liquor License

The Colorado State Liquor Enforcement Division will notify the licensee 90 days before the expiration date of an existing license by first class-mail at the business' last-known address. 

Please file your renewal application with all documentation and payment to the Town Clerk’s Office no later than 45 days prior to your license expiration  Please DO NOT mail the paperwork directly to the State. The State will return it back to you. 

The renewal application packet can be submitted in 2 ways:

1)  In person: 645 Holbrook Street - Clerk's Office on 2nd floor 
2) Email:

Payments to the State can be made:

1) Online: Please make sure to email the payment confirmation to or your application will be considered incomplete.
2) A check made out to Department of Revenue can be dropped off at the Clerk's office located at 645 Holbrook Street.

Payments to the Town of Erie can be made:

1)  Over the phone at 303-926-2700 Ext. 0.
2) A check made out to Town of Erie can be dropped off the Clerk's office on the 2nd floor of Town Hall located at 645 Holbrook Street.

After a renewal application is filed with the Town Clerk’s office, the file is reviewed, and any deficiencies are reported to the applicant prior to the consideration of the application by the Clerk’s Office. Your application is deemed “received” when the application is completed in full and ALL required documents including payments have been provided.  

Generally, these applications are approved administratively by the Clerk’s Office if there have been no liquor violations over the previous 12 months. If the business had any violations, they may have to appear at the Liquor Hearing. Once the application is approved, the Town Clerk’s office will forward the application to the Colorado Department of Revenue, Liquor Licensing Division for review and approval. Typically, the State will process the application and mail the State’s liquor license to the Town Clerk’s Office within 3-4 weeks. The Town of Erie license is then prepared, and both licenses are issued to the applicant via email.


Checklist of Required Documents

State License Renewal Application (DR 8400)
Tax Check Authorization, Waiver, and Request to Release Information Form (DR 8495)
Proof of Possession of Property. Deed (or) Lease.
Certificate of Good Standing within last two (2) years
Payment made to Colorado Department of Revenue
Payment made to Town of Erie

Fee Payments


Please file your renewal application with all documentation and payment, to the Town Clerk’s Office no later than 45 days prior to your license expiration or the licensee may face delays, additional fees, possible temporary suspension from State, or Local Licensing Authority (LLA) hearing. If you have had a violation(s)/disturbance(s) during the last year, then you will be required to attend a hearing with the LLA, scheduled by the Clerk’s Office. 

The LLA hearings occur on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and occur at the Erie Municipal Court located at 1000 Telleen Avenue Erie, CO 80516.  Also, see the Guidance on Appearing Before the Judge webpage.