Historic Landmark Nominations

Owners of properties landmarked by the Town of Erie become eligible to apply for tax credits and/or Colorado Historic Preservation Fund grant money, may realize an increase in the value of your home and neighborhood, and can obtain official recognition that the property has special significance and is an important part of Erie's history. The best benefit of designation is that it protects the historic character of the property and the community. Historic Preservation is Sustainability.

Note: The external aspects of structures are the only elements preserved and protected by a Landmark Nomination.

Landmark Nomination Process

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  1. Step One: Survey
  2. Step Two: Submit
  3. Step Three: Review
  4. Step Four: Public Hearing
  5. Official Notice

Has the property been surveyed?

Contact a member of the Erie Historic Preservation Advisory Board (EHPAB) to discover if the property being nominated has been previously surveyed.

If yes,

  • Obtain survey document from EHPAB and proceed to Step Two

If no,

  • Contact EHPAB to add the property/site to the Erie Historic Resource Inventory to be prioritized for a future historical property survey.
  • Upon receiving notification that the historical property survey has been completed, and survey document obtained, proceed to Step Two.

Historic surveys are conducted by professional historians and historical architects contracted through matching grants with History Colorado. Final results are reviewed by History Colorado and the Erie Historic Preservation Advisory Board. Survey data is documented as part of the official History Colorado Architectural Inventory and determinations are made as to the property's official Local, State, or National historical register eligibility.