When it rains and snow melts, stormwater flows over pavement and other surfaces, picking up pollutants such as debris, vehicle spills, animal waste, fertilizers, and chemicals. These pollutants are carried in runoff from the land surface, to storm sewers, and eventually to local rivers and streams without being treated.

How can stormwater be managed?

Effective stormwater management starts by controlling runoff at the source, at our homes and properties. This includes both source control efforts such as removing pet waste and reducing fertilizer use and implementing stormwater control measures to capture and treat runoff.

Stormwater Quality Program

The Town of Erie administers a municipal stormwater program in accordance with its Colorado Discharge Permit System MS4 permit. Program elements include: 

  • Education and outreach for our residents and businesses.
  • Illicit discharge detection and elimination.
  • Implement a construction sites program.
  • Post-construction water quality program.
  • Pollution prevention/good housekeeping for municipal operations.

The Town of Erie’s Program Description Document is available to the public for review and comment - email staff for a copy.

Report Concerns About Stormwater Pollution

Residents and visitors may help by reporting pollution entering storm drains and waterways here.

Stormwater Quality Permits

Construction sites that disturb greater than or equal to 1 acre or more, sites that are less than 1 acre that are part of a larger common plan of development, or are adjacent to a watercourse or wetland regardless of size are required to apply for a stormwater quality permit electronically through the Self-Service Portal

To terminate a Stormwater Quality Permit, complete the Stormwater Quality Permit Termination form.

Homes to Creeks

Businesses Can Protect Waterways

When stormwater flows across parking lots and streets, it picks up pollutants and enters storm drains on streets and in parking lots. Pollutants entering these drains flow untreated to local waterways. Receiving deliveries, unpacking products, and indoor and outdoor cleaning and maintenance can contaminate stormwater runoff with toxic chemicals, nutrients, and trash. Click through the tabs below to learn ways businesses can help with waterway protection. 

three illustrated graphics that show water running down different streams

  1. Outdoor Maintenance
  2. Indoor Cleaning
  3. Dispose Responsibly
  4. Outdoor Cleaning
  5. Spills & Leaks
  • Protect storm drains during outdoor construction, cleaning, and painting.
  • Minimize use of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Take vehicles to a commercial car wash.
  • Shovel snow onto vegetated areas.
  • Use deicers sparingly.

    A blue bag full of sand blocking the stormwater grate