1. Local Code requirements
  2. Submittal requirements
  3. Required Inspections
  4. Checklist

Please be aware of the following local code amendments.

9-1-9: Fire Code

B.5. Section 605.11 is amended by adding new Subsections 605.11.3, 605.11.4, and 605.11.5 to read as follows: 605.11.3 Direct current (DC) Wiring. Direct current (DC) conduit, wiring and raceways shall be located below the solar array or a minimum of 24 inches below the roof sheathing. 

605.11.4 Labeling. For residential applications, a label stating CAUTION SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM ON PREMISES shall be placed at or within the main electrical service disconnect. 

605.11.5 Rapid Shut Down Switch. All solar systems shall have a rapid shutdown switch located at ground level in the area of the electric panel box and inverter."

Plan design criteriasolar

  • wind load V(ult) 142 mph
  • snow load / roof live load 30 psf
  • 2020 NEC
  • 2015 I-Codes
  • 3 foot setback is required

Memo on solar permit fees.