Residential Decks

  1. Submittal Requirements
  2. required inspections
  3. helpful information

Residential Deck submittal requirements

  1. Completed application
  2. Homeowner Affidavit (if work is to be completed by homeowner/occupant)
  3. Plot plan/site plan (must show location of proposed deck and include dimensions from deck to property lines/easements, show existing window wells, show existing mechanicals)
  4. Deck plan drawing which must include the following (see below for more detailed information):
    • piers or footings
    • material to be used
    • dimensions
    • connectors
  5. Any additional information deemed necessary by the reviewer (individual projects may require additional information).
  6. HOA approval may be required.


  • Species of wood (Redwood, cedar, southern yellow pine, etc.)
  • Grade of wood (#2, #1, etc.)
  • Type of decking & direction of install (perpendicular to joist or diagonal)
  • Size of
    1. Ledger (min. 2x8)
    2. Beam
    3. Joists
    4. Posts (include height)


  • distance between piers
  • distance between posts
  • distance between beams
  • distance between ledger and beam
  • distance between joists
  • cantilevers
  • height above adjacent grade


  • Post to pier
  • Beam to post or pier
  • Joist to beam
  • Ledger to house
  • Connections for lateral load (hold down tension device type and location)
  • Connection to existing framing (when applicable)

if using a kit or other than conventional wood framing as addressed in the IRC, manufacturer's specifications are required to be submitted.

**Please provide this information on the drawing.  Do not submit documents from other jurisdictions as they do not contain all the required information.**


  • ledgers cannot be attached to cantilevers on house
  • if deck is an extension and is to be connected to an existing deck, information on the existing deck must be provided
  • piers shall be adequately sized to support tributary load
  • guard rails are required if deck height is more than 30 inches above grade at any point within 36 inches horizontal of the open side
  • Load path of stairs must be code compliant.

Deck Code links

2015 IRC deck requirements:

  • Section 507 Exterior Decks which includes:
    • deck joist span table
    • deck beam span table (Note: This only allows for joists from one side per Footnote B)