Permit Submittal and Inspection Requirements- residential

Most permit applications require submittal documents in addition to the permit application.  Please review these submittal requirements to ensure your submittal is complete.  Incomplete submittals delay processing and approval. 

Applications are processed and reviewed in the order in which they are received.  Depending on the current volume of submittals, the wait time to hear back after submittal varies.  To avoid any delays once your application is slated for review, please make sure your submittal is complete.

Inspections are required for all permits issued.  The required inspections vary with the type of permit and scope of project.  Please be sure that you request all inspections required for your project.  If you are unsure or have difficulty scheduling a required inspection, please be sure to call the office for assistance.  Failure to do so can have implications when it is time to finalize or close out a permit.

Every project is different.  Depending upon the complexity of your project, the permit requirements and inspection process may vary from the information presented here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Please see the individual subpages (menu on the left side of this page) for information on each permit type.  This list is currently being developed.  Expect to see additional subpages soon!