Task Force

Community Task Force to Review Police Directives

Seventy qualified residents submitted applications to serve on the newly formed Community Task Force to review Erie Police Department’s directives. The applications were reviewed and ranked by a three-person screening committee composed of a resident, Trustee, and the Human Resources Director. The Board of Trustees reviewed their recommendations and confirmed their top nine candidates at the Board of Trustee’s August 11 meeting.


  • Brooks, Justin
  • Devitt-Haggstrom, Megan
  • Graves, Lee
  • Gray, Annie Kang
  • Sandoval, Patricia B
  • Sema, Joel
  • Shaikh, Ashraf
  • Smith, Paul
  • Solari, Chia N


  • Officers receive annual training on our low frequency/high liability Directives (Arrest Standards, Body Worn Cameras, Bomb Threats, Code of Conduct, Conducted Electrical Weapons (Tasers), Evidence/Property, Eye Witness ID Procedures, Less Lethal Impact Weapons, Rapid Emergency Deployment, Response to Civil Disobedience, Routine and Emergency Vehicle Operations and Use of Force).  Erie Police Department often provides more training than once per year on these critical Directives.
  • All Use of Force incidents are reviewed by the Chain of Command as well as any pursuit or major response.  We use debriefings when warranted.
  • Erie Police Department is CACP Accredited every five years.