Tree Collections

The Town is pleased to announce their participation in the Tree Collections tool created by the Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC). The CTC launched its Tree Collections program to create a unique platform that links users to a network of diverse tree collections throughout the state, while also delivering consistent and comprehensive individual tree species information. Tree Collections is an educational tool for all seasons that can be utilized by students, curious visitors, nature lovers, and tree people alike.

Arapahoe Ridge Park, Coal Miners Park, Country Fields, Crescent Park, Erie Community Park, Longs Peak Park, and Serene Park are currently within the Tree Collections' database with more locations throughout Erie to be added in the near future. Visit tree collections to find a collection near you. View location details on Town of Erie Parks

Tree City USA

The Town of Erie is a proud member of Tree City USA. This designation illustrates the town's dedication to continuing to maintain and grow our urban tree canopy. The Town has been a member of Tree City USA since 1999.

Did you know...

The Town of Erie recently updated its Municipal Code, Chapter 3: Trees and Shrubs. This chapter addresses the maintenance of trees and shrubs to improve safety, visibility, and access throughout the Town.

Key Updates:

  • It shall be the duty of the owner of any private property within the Town to maintain all trees and other woody plants as necessary located upon the property of such owner in order to provide for the safe and convenient use of streets, alleys, sidewalks, walkways, trails or other town-owned property
  • Tree branch growth shall be maintained at a height no lower than ten (10) feet over a public sidewalk, walkway, or trail and no lower than fourteen (14) feet over the travel lanes of a street or alley
  • All woody plant growth lower than ten (10) feet shall not encroach upon the plane of a public road, sidewalk, walkway, or trail and must be trimmed back within the inside edge of all sidewalks, walkways, or trails
  • Any dead, dying, or structurally unsound trees, limbs, or other woody plants that are dangerous to life, limb, or property shall be removed from the premises
  • All trees located in the public right of way (parcel of land between the sidewalk and street) are the maintenance responsibility of the owner of the property abutting the public right of way. Maintenance may include, but is not limited to cutting, trimming, spraying, removing, planting, pruning, fertilization, relocation, protection, and other maintenance and treatment of trees located upon such public right of way, whether or not planted by the owner
  • A permit is required to perform all tree work on trees located in the public right of way. Permits are free of charge and available to the public through the office of the Town Arborist
  • It shall be unlawful for any contractor to engage in the business of planting, cutting, trimming, pruning, removing, spraying, or otherwise treating or maintaining trees within the Town without procuring an arborist license issued by the town arborist. The requirements of this section shall not apply to private landowners performing such work themselves on trees located wholly on their own private property or on public right of way.