State and county health departments have prepared a multitude of information for residents to protect health proactively. The Town of Erie continues to urge residents, businesses, and visitors to follow the mandates set out by state and local public health agencies.

State and County Health Departments

The Boulder County Public Health Department and Weld County Department of Health and Environment are closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19 and are in close and regular contact with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Public Health has been planning for and practicing response for situations like this for over 10 years. They have plans, partnerships, and resources in place to support the community. They are working closely with our regional public health partners, hospitals, school districts, and the first responder and health care communities.

Yellow dialLevel Yellow: Concern

In March, the State implemented a implemented a new COVID-19 Dial Version 3.0. Boulder and Weld counties continue to be in Yellow, with increasing average cases recently. For more information on the Dial, go to COVID-19 dial | Colorado COVID-19 Updates.  For more information on capacities and level restrictions in Yellow, go to COVID-19 dial dashboard | Colorado COVID-19 Updates.

A few changes to note:

  • The new Dial makes it a bit easier for counties to reach Level Green from Level Blue.
  • The State has lifted restrictions on capacity limits for outdoor venues. Counties may implement local restrictions on outdoor events, but as of now, there are no capacity limits.

The State is now following the CDC guidelines for personal gatherings indoors instead of the State creating guidelines.

Stop the spread and stay out of Red by continuing to follow the 4 Ws: wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance, and wait on gatherings. 

Vaccine Distribution

Vaccine Distribution for groups 1B.3 and 1B.4 are open. More information on those groups and resources are below. Six community sites are opening statewide and information on those sites can be found at Where can I get vaccinated? | Colorado COVID-19 Updates.

Face Covering Orders

The State's face coverings mandate will expire on April 4, 2021. Two new guidelines are going to be in place concerning masks at the State level:

  • Any counties at Level Green would only require masks in schools and in congregate care homes.
  • All other counties at Level Blue or higher would still require masks indoors where more than ten people would be gathering.

Boulder County's face coverings mandate does not have an expiration date. The Town of Erie has been following Boulder County guidelines, and at this point, Boulder County Public Health does not anticipate rescinding its current mandate.

On July 1, 2020, the Board of Trustees extended the Face Coverings Order. Effective immediately and remaining in effect until the Boulder County Order is rescinded, each of the requirements of the Boulder County Order shall apply throughout the Town of Erie, in both Boulder County and Weld County."


We ask that all individuals comply with the requirements outlined above.

If you have an urgent public health concern, call Erie Police Dispatch (administered by Boulder County Communications) at 303-441-4444. An Officer will be assigned to contact you. In an emergency, always dial 911.

Upon receiving a complaint about a business, the Erie Police Department will provide education as appropriate. Should additional complaints be received, the Erie Police Department will deliver a notice to the business advising the business has 24 hours to achieve compliance. If the business is deemed not in compliance within 24 hours, an Erie Police Officer will cite the business with 'Failure to obey a lawful order.' The citation requires an appearance at the Town of Erie's Municipal Court. The maximum penalty for Failure to Obey a Lawful Order is $2,650 and 364 days in jail per count. If further complaints or violations are reported, additional citations may be issued for each violation.

Protect Yourself

The CDPHE recommends steps to protect yourself and help control the community spread of COVID-19:

  • Wear masks or face coverings whenever you are out of the house; mask guidance and statewide mask order.
  • Follow physical distancing guidelines by avoiding groups and standing at least six feet from other people.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water
  • Disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing and sneezing
  • Avoid touching your face, including eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • If you are part of a vulnerable population, stay home except for essential activities.

What is the Town Doing?

The Town of Erie continues to evaluate and refine its approach to the COVID-19 pandemic by focusing on the community's safety and well-being.

  • Participating in ongoing and regular communications with local and regional emergency management and health agencies to review necessary data, updates, and strategies to coordinate response and action.
  • Erie emergency responders have response plans and screening protocols currently in place. 
  • Providing education about the virus and healthy habits to residents, employees, and users of our public facilities.
  • Increasing the frequency and detail of cleaning and sanitizing our public facilities and providing additional resources and facility staff strategies.
  • Encouraging facility users to cancel participation in classes, activities, and programs if they are ill.

Town-related Resources

The Town offers a suite of pages with information to help our community navigate through the challenges posed by the pandemic.