Erie Singletrack Trails at Sunset Open Space

The Erie Singletrack Trails at Sunset Open Space offer 3.15 miles of trails that cater to riders seeking a downhill riding experience with rollers, jumps, and tabletops. Trails are perfect for all skill levels and are designated as either beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The singletrack trail network is built on Town-owned open space offering fantastic views of the Front Range, especially at sunset. 

Map of all singletrack trails Opens in new windowThe singletrack trails are managed and maintained by the Parks & Recreation Department. The Town reserves the right to close this amenity at any time. Safety of our users is our number one priority, as is protecting the sustainability of our trails, and the ecological balance of the surrounding environment. The Parks & Open Space Division monitors and enacts trail closures when conditions are present that pose safety issues for users and/or facilitate the degradation of these natural resources. Staff will enact closures if the following criteria are met: wet/muddy conditions present, snowy/icy conditions present, Division maintenance operations, and/or Town-permitted special event. Site characteristics pose several challenges that can often cause or prolong trail closures including soil type, slope, and sun exposure. Clay soils dominate the site that have a slow permeation rate that results in the puddling of water and are characterized by having slow drainage when moisture is present. Furthermore, the trails transverse over diverse topographic features; many of which are shaded for long periods of time that stay wet and unsafe longer. 

Just because the trails may look dry from the road, this may not be the case on key trail sections that are shaded from the sun. Ignoring closures will prolong the length of time necessary for the closure and those caught violating closures will be subject to fines. Please help do your part, respect this resource, and have patience until the trails are safe to open.

  • Peak Usage Months (March through November) - Staff will assess trail conditions on a daily basis at 7 a.m. and post the status of the trails if there is a change in the closure status. 
  • Winter Months (December through February) - Staff will assess conditions less frequently than during peak usage months. Staff will assess and post closures on an as needed or weekly basis. 
  • Staff will not implement partial closures – Entire trail closures will be enacted if any conditions are present that meet the established trail closure protocols. If closures are enacted, they will remain in effect for a minimum of a 24 hour period from the time that they were last assessed.

Respect the Resource, and Respect Your Fellow Riders.

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Singletrack Trail Closures

Trail closures are initiated by the Parks and Recreation Department. Alerts can be received via text or email, or viewed on the Town's social media pages. Closure Alerts are used only for periodic closures, volunteer information, and news. Current closures are listed above.

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Trail Map

Map of all singletrack trails

Rental Information

The Town of Erie Parks and Recreation Department does not permit exclusive use of Erie Singletrack Trails at Sunset Open Space. All groups are expected to share the trail respectfully and responsibly with other trail users at all times. Only groups of 15 participants or fewer are permitted, including instructors. Users must comply with all requirements of the Erie Municipal Code and Parks & Recreation Rules and Regulations. If approved for a rental, all groups must provide liability insurance. Completion of a commercial use rental request for Erie Singletrack does not guarantee acceptance.