Singletrack Trails

The Erie singletrack trails are perfect for all skill levels; whether you are a beginner, a returning cyclist, or an expert, you will find a trail suited to your abilities. The trail network is built on Town-owned open space offering fantastic views of the Front Range, especially at sunset. The trail system is split between two areas: Sunset West and Sunset East, with a parking lot which services both areas located just west of the CR5/CR6 intersection at: 2559 Co Rd 5, Erie, CO. The east trails cater more to the rider seeking a downhill riding experience with rollers, jumps, and tabletops. The west trails offer a more natural, relaxed, flow-ride experience.

It is important to note that wet/muddy trail conditions are not monitored on a daily basis. It is the responsibility of every individual rider to only ride when conditions are appropriate. If there is visible standing water, you are creating ruts, or mud is sticking to your tires: Stop Do Not Ride. Failing to abide by this request will cause damage to this public resource and will likely result in the need for time consuming and costly repairs which could result in long term closures of the trail system while these repairs take place. Respect the Resource, and Respect Your Fellow Riders.

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Rules and Regulations

Open daily from sunrise to sunset.

This is a multi-use trail system. Bikers yield to hikers. All users must stay on designated trails and follow all directional signs.

Parks & Recreation staff have the right to close the facility at any time without notice.

Dogs must be on-leash at all times and waste picked up and disposed of. 

Stay on trails. Private property abuts the trail system.  

A permit is required to hold special events or conduct commercial activity.

Sunset West Trails

System Map

Erie Singletrack System Map

Sunset East

Sunset East Map

Sunset West

Sunset West Map