Singletrack Trail

Trails are perfect for beginners, returning cyclists and experts looking for a great workout. Build on Town-owned open space, the trails feature a very smooth singletrack that undulates with the terrain and offers fantastic views of the mountain range; especially at sunset. The system is split between two areas: Sunset West and Sunset East and is located at: 2559 Co Rd 5, Erie Colorado.

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Rules and Regulations

Open daily from sunrise to sunset.

This is a multi-use trail system. Bikers yield to hikers. All users must stay on designated trails and follow all directional signs.

Parks & Recreation staff have the right to close the facility at any time without notice.

Dogs must be on-leash at all times and waste picked up and disposed of. 

Stay on trails. Private property abuts the trail system.  

A permit is required to hold special events or conduct commercial activity.

Trail Maps

System Map

Erie Singletrack System Map

Sunset East

Sunset East Map

Sunset West

Sunset West Map

Trail Maps