Census 2020

Shape your future. Start here. 10 minutes will shape the next 10 years. Your voice matters, be counted!

Ensuring there is a complete Census count is important for many reasons, including to ensure Erie, Boulder and Weld Counties, and Colorado are eligible for the maximum amount of funding allocated through population-based formulas. The census also provides critical data on which to inform the Town’s economic development activities. 

The Goal

The goal of the census is to "count everyone, once, in the right place" every ten years. The Census Bureau will send invitations to complete the Census to all housing units in mid-March. A housing unit is a house, an apartment, a group of rooms, or a single room occupied or intended for occupancy as separate living quarters.

How to Respond

There are multiple ways to respond to the Census;

  • Online, using a computer or a smart phone,
  • Over the phone by calling a toll-free number,
  • By using a paper form, or
  • By responding to a Census enumerator.


The Census Bureau published only aggregated statistics that do not reveal any information about particular individuals, households or businesses. Your personal data cannot be shared with any individual or government agency. 

Shape the Next Ten Years!

When you complete your census form, you help bring in funding to Colorado for vital services, provide valuable aggregate data for state and local decisions, and ensure fair representation. The 2020 Census will shape the next 10 years, don’t leave your future blank!