Historic Old Town

Historic Downtown Erie - Briggs Street

The vision of the Historic Old Town Erie Renewal Plan includes the following key principles:

  • A coordinated and efficient pattern of growth
  • Quality design and development
  • Overall economic vitality
  • Downtown vitality
  • A comprehensive, integrated transportation system
  • Stewardship of the natural environment
  • Trails, parks and recreation opportunities
  • Protected lands programs
  • Balanced Land use mix
  • Stable, cohesive neighborhoods offering a variety of housing types
  • Infrastructure and public services provided efficiently and equitably
  • Relationship to other community plans

Downtown Parking & Circulation Plan

The Town wants to make sure there is the right amount of parking and that we plan all transportation improvements—including the Moffat Street Bridge—and mobility options for getting to, around, and from Downtown Erie in a way that is safe, convenient, and compatible with the character of Downtown. View more on the Downtown Parking and Circulation Plan webpage.

Historic Old Town Resources

Additional information about Historic Old Town

Town of Erie Urban Renewal Authority

Colorado law gives cities and towns the right to form urban renewal authorities which empowers them with certain tools, including eminent domain and tax increment financing, to encourage economic vitality and improve the public safety of an Urban Renewal Authority (URA) project area. Learn More.