Cone Zones

The Town is responsible for maintaining all paved and unpaved roads in the Town. Maintenance includes road blading, street sweeping, snow removal, asphalt maintenance, signing and marking, shoulder work, roadway clean up, and concrete work. The Town of Erie uses a variety of approaches to extend the service life of a road. In addition to pothole filling and patching the Town uses hot chip seal, crack fill, slurry seal, double chip seal, mill, overlay, and chip seal.


  • There are 138.5 miles of streets in Erie.
  • 15 miles of streets have aged past their remaining service life (15 years): County Line Road, Erie Parkway, Cheesman Street, Vista Parkway, Holbrook Street, Briggs Street.
  • In 2019, $1.5 million was spent on street overlay projects and $500,000 on street reconstruction projects.
  • Following a 2020 Street Improvement Project, the annual cost of street maintenance ranges from $3-$4 million.
  • In 2021, road maintenance crews completed 7.7 miles of a planned 8.8 miles of road resurfacing by October. This is the length of 135 football fields end-to-end, or the height of three fourteeners if the mountains were stacked on top of one another. Amazing work despite the supply chain issues and labor shortages!

Current & Planned Projects

Construction hours for street projects are Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. unless given special approval by the Town for extended hours. 

Not all roads in and around Erie are the responsibility of the Town of Erie. State highways, county roads, and some other regional roads are maintained by other entities. Please check with CDOT, Boulder County, or Weld County for updates on those areas.

  1. Weld County Road 5 Fiber Line Work - May 9

    On Monday May 9, Pauley Construction will begin utility work at the intersection of Weld County Road 4 and Weld County Road 5 to meet fiber demand needs for newly constructed neighborhoods. The work is expected to last through June 3. Read On...
  2. WCR 5 Improvement Project Phase 2 - May 4

    Beginning Wednesday, May 4, the Town of Erie will move into Phase 2 of the WCR 5 Improvements Project. Read On...
  3. 119th Street Reduced to Single Lane for Utility Work – May 2

    On Monday May 2, HEI Civil, as part of the new Parkdale Neighborhoods residential development, will be conducting utility and roadway work on 119th Street between Rex Ranch Place and Baseline Road. Read On...
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Planned Projects

  1. Airpark 
  2. WCR 5
  3. West
  4. East
  5. North
  6. South

2021 Air Park Construction

Bellanca Ct., Commander Dr., Viking Ct., Skylane Dr., Piper Dr. Cherokee Ct., Mooney Pl., will begin in 2022 (delayed from original schedule). Airport Dr. and Baron Ct. were already on the schedule for 2022, now they are extended to 2023.

All of the work is also subject weather conditions. The schedule below is a guideline and can shift one way or another based on progress and/or delays.

Current Work:

Starting Wednesday, March 9 thru Wednesday, March 16 a contractor will be conducting soils tests gathering subgrade information for upcoming road construction. Weather may delay the soils test collections but will resume as weather and conditions improve.

A truck-mounted drill will bore holes through the road surface to gather the samples. Those soil samples will be examined to determine the best course of road work.

The work to bore the holes will involve temporary single lane closers during the work.

The soil samples are expected to be gathered from the following streets in the Erie Air Park:

  • Piper Dr.
  • Cherokee Ct.
  • Mooney Pl.
  • Viking Ct.
  • Skylane Dr.
  • Commander Dr.
  • Bellanca Ct.

Click for map of the locations.