Personal & Partner Training

Let a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer create safe, effective and challenging workouts designed to meet your fitness goals. Work 1-on-1 or bring a friend and we'll help you reach your fitness goals. You will learn various exercises that build strength and endurance, enhance body composition, and improve overall cardiovascular fitness.
CLICK HERE to register online and complete the necessary request forms. A trainer will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your information. Sessions are by appointment only.

All packages are non-transferable and expire one year after date of purchase. If under 18, authorization from the Fitness Coordinator is required.

Personal Trainers

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  1. Ashley Rebeck
  2. Barclay Logan
  3. Doug Croft
  4. Larry Woods
  5. Lonza Dennis
  6. Mike Rosenberg

Personal Trainer Bio - Ashley Rebeck

Ashley Rebeck

Education & Certifications

  • Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Science
  • Masters Degree in Human Performance
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Functional Aging Specialist
  • Adult/Child/Infant CRP/AED and First Aid Certified

Training Philosophy

Supporting my clients to achieve a proactive, lifelong approach to health and wellness.  My passion is to create tailored programs that set up each individual for success based on their unique goals.  Together we can discover the most effective, and enjoyable way to increase your strength, mobility, independence, endurance, and overall health with long term lifestyle changes.  Think of me as your biggest fan and coach wrapped up in one!     

Training Specialties

  • Seniors
  • Behavior Change/Accountability
  • Functional Training
  • Post Stroke/Rehab
  • Injury Prevention

Interests & Hobbies

  • Family/Friends
  • Chasing my toddler around with my wife
  • Hockey
  • Town of Erie Community Events
  • Taking of new sports and activities (I love a new challenge)
  • Swimming
  • Travel
  • Board/Card Games (Who doesn't love a game night)

 Personal Training / Pilates Reformer Rates  Standard  Resident
 1 Session  $75 $60
 3 Sessions $210 $168
 6 Sessions $380 $323
 12 Sessions $700 $595

 Partner Training Rates  Standard  Resident
 1 Session $90  $72
 3 Sessions $245 $196
 6 Sessions $440 $374
 12 Sessions $840 $714

InBody570 Body Composition Analyzer

InBody 570
InBody Sample Scan

Go beyond the scale and see what you’re really made of!  The InBody provides an accurate and non-invasive body composition analysis you can use to maximize your results and intelligently track your progress! Your body composition analysis breaks down your intra and extracellular water, dry lean & body fat mass and provides a muscle-fat analysis along with your visceral fat levels and basal metabolic rate. Knowledge is power - schedule your scan today to get started! 

Each scan includes a full results sheet and a 30-minute consultation with a trained professional.

InBody 570 Analysis is included with any package of personal training. 

Fee: $50 (per scan)