Technical Advisory Panel

The Town of Erie wants areas zoned for commercial/community commercial and business to develop as zoned, but the Town recognizes that not all land configurations are viable for full retail or commercial development. 

The Town enlisted a Technical Advisory Panel through Urban Land Institute for assistance in:

  • evaluating the viability of the current zoning
  • identifying Urban Land Institute’s best practices in affordable housing, economic development, place-making, healthy communities, walk-ability, public-private partnerships, and infrastructure that would be applicable to and promote more sustainable development in this area
  • determining whether converting any of the commercially zoned land to residential is necessary, and if so, what would be the financial impact of that action.

The goal for the study is to determine how best to create (given current and likely market conditions in Erie) a unique sense of place and an economically thriving center around Erie’s Four Corners (the intersection of Erie Parkway and County Line Road). Within the study area, which includes about 390 acres, four different property owners have development plans, covering a total of 116 acres, in various stages of entitlement.

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You're Invited!

Were you unable to attend the July 12 presentation on the Technical Advisory Panel's findings? Please watch the presentation here! Also, Download the Urban Land Institute PowerPoint slides.

Technical Advisory Panel

Name Title Expertise
Scott Chomiak Directory of Development, Koelbel Land Development
Arleen Taniwaki Principal, Arland Land Use Economics Market Analysis
Marcus Notheisen Vice President, Castle Rock Economic Development Comp City Economic Development
Michael Kercheval Executive Director, CU Real Estate Center Retail
Brent Lloyd Managing Principal, BrightView Design Group Area Planning
Kiley Baham Associate Principal, KGA Studio Architects Design Assistance