Open Space Management Plan

In 2016, the Town of Erie updated its Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space
Master Plan as an integrated, visionary plan to guide the development of Erie’s parks, recreation, open
space, and trails facilities, programs and services for up to ten years. As a companion document to
the Erie Comprehensive Plan (2015, as amended), the Master Plan responds to and builds on other
long-range planning documents

The Town of Erie’s Open Space Management Plan (OSMP) provides a high-level overview of how open
spaces in the Town are managed and why. It includes a list of management strategies that may be
implemented on each site.

The Town is moving forward with a mission to protect and enhance the natural, cultural, and scenic resources unique to the open spaces of its planning area. This Open Space Management Plan (OSMP) is designed to guide the management of undeveloped areas, like Coal Creek, that are slated to be permanently maintained in a natural or agricultural state.

For more information, please contact the Parks & Open Space Division.