2019 Seismic Testing

Crestone Peak Resources partnered with Seismic Acquisition Services, LLC. (SAS) to conduct a 3D seismic survey to safely and efficiently develop oil and natural gas in the Spring of 2019.

Seismic data allows scientists to identify the rock formations that have the characteristics required to hold oil and gas. By using this technology, scientists are able to reduce the industry footprint and maximize production from individual wells.

For more:

An image of a receiving unit (passive seismic recorder)
Download the Seismic Testing FAQs
View the Town of Erie Seismic Map
Visit Crestone's webpage
View the Crestone SAS brochure pdf
Watch a video on Seismic Testing from Crestone Peak Resources


Contact SAS Main Office (720) 688-0052 or Crestone (720) 410-8537.