Municipal Court

Virtual & In-Person Court Information

The Town of Erie is taking the appropriate measures to ensure the health and well-being of its employees and citizens. To that end, the Erie Municipal Court is beginning to reopen for in-person court for all juvenile cases, adult criminal charges, traffic language interpreter needed and reviews/trials

However, if you are an adult and you have a traffic violation and do not need a language interpreter, you will be required to attend virtual court. 

As we strive to keep everyone healthy and safe, all Court processes and hearings will take longer than usual. Please be patient and mindful when appearing virtually for court.

During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Erie Municipal Court has implemented virtual courtrooms for adult traffic violations through the use of Zoom in order to continue to provide essential judicial services to the public. 

This is a Virtual Court Appearance with the Erie Municipal Court, and failure to appear at or appear late for your hearing may result in a default judgment being entered against you on civil or traffic infractions, including the assessment of fines and costs, or the issuance of a warrant for your arrest on misdemeanor or petty offenses.


  • I/We agree that I/we are voluntarily requesting to have my/our Court process with Erie Municipal Court via Zoom, a virtual platform.  
  • I/We understand that Erie Municipal Court is required to record legal procedures with the Judge.  
  • I/We agree to not record or take still pictures or screen shots of any part of my/our Court process.  
  • I/We further understand that Erie Municipal Court relies on third party vendors to conduct digital meetings (Zoom).  While these platforms are typically encrypted and highly private, Erie Municipal Court is not responsible for any failure by any third-party vendor to secure their platform.  After Court, I/we understand we will be sent documents through Mail/Email that need to be reviewed, signed and returned promptly. 


  • Become familiar with Zoom prior to your court date and ensure that your preferred technology is functioning properly. You will need a working microphone and camera. Refer to Zoom’s website at if you need support.
  • When logging in to Zoom, make sure your name appears as it does on your citation. For example, if your name is Jane Doe, make sure you log in as Jane Doe.
  • Be in a quiet and private space where you will not be distracted or disrupted.  
  • Ensure your preferred technology is stable, fully charged or plugged in, and in a well-lit area.
  • Review the advisement form; the Judge will ask if you have read and understand it. 
  • Be available and present on video during your virtual court appearance. Do not drive or walk around. The Court will not call your case if you are driving during the Court session.
  • The Court session will be recorded.  Proper court etiquette is expected, including appearing in appropriate clothing.
  • You must appear at your scheduled time, listed above. You only have a short period of time to sign into the zoom meeting before you are considered by the Court as having failed to appear.

What to expect with virtual court

  • Prior to court, review the above Court Guidelines and attached Advisements.
  • Log in to Zoom using the above Zoom link, Meeting ID and Passcode.
  • Wait for the Court Clerk to check you in and admit you to the Court Room.
  • In the Virtual Courtroom, the Judge will call on you individually to go over your case. If you choose to meet with the Prosecutor on your case after meeting with the Judge, you may request to speak to the Town Prosecutor. The Court Clerk will move you to a Zoom Breakout Room to meet with the Town Prosecutor and when you have finished meeting with the Prosecutor the Court Clerk will move you back to the Courtroom.
  • In the Courtroom, you may enter your plea of Guilty, No Contest or Not Guilty if you choose to go to trial. Your plea will be recorded on your case and your case will be processed.
  • Follow up paperwork and fine information will be sent out to you via email and you will be required to complete necessary paperwork and pay your fine by following the provided link.

Please click on the LINK for the date and time that pertains to the case you wish to observe or participate in if you are a party to the case. If you are unsure which LINK pertains to your case, please call or email the Court Clerk’s office at 303-926-2851 or


Tuesday, April 20, 2021 :

9:00 AM 

10:30 AM

1:30 PM

Court staff will continue to process cases by phone, mail, email, or other electronic means. Please call or email the Court Personnel to ask questions, resolve your case or request a continuance. You may email the Municipal Court Personnel at anytime or call  (303) 926-2851. 

Please be sure your message includes your name, date of birth, telephone number, mailing address, email address and case or citation number, and your current court date. 

Motions, Filings, Court Requests, Proof of Class or Community Service Hours
If you have a motion, filing, court request, proof of completion of a class or community service hours, you need not physically appear if you email the documents to the address above or mail to the Court prior to your court date:

Erie Municipal Court
PO Box 510
1000 Telleen
Erie, CO 80516

If you have a payment due, payment can still be made either online, by phone or by mail as indicated above.

Active Warrant
If you have an active warrant that you are trying to address, please email or call the Court to discuss options for your case(s).


Trials begin at 1:30 p.m. generally on the 2nd Monday of the month.

Reviews begin at 2:30 p.m. generally on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Arraignment Times

  • Traffic Court - 9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. generally on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.
  • Criminal Cases - 9:00 a.m. generally on the 2nd Monday of the month.
  • If Interpreter Needed- 11:00 a.m. generally on the 2nd Monday of the month.