Business Licenses

All Business License renewals are extended to March 2024. No additional action is required at this time. Please watch for further updates in your registered email.

Who Must Obtain a Business License

Review the details below for more about business types and licensing requirements.

General Businesses

The Town of Erie requires all new businesses with a physical location in Erie to apply for a business license and renew it annually. This type of license falls in the category of doing business as wholesale, retail, service, manufacturing, or contracting. Review the municipal code provisions for Businesses & Occupation Licenses.

Home Occupation Businesses

The Town requires all businesses that are operating out of the home to apply for a Home Occupation Business License and renew it annually. This type of license falls in the category of home-based wholesale, retail, service, manufacturing, or daycare business where family members reside. The home occupation business must abide by strict zoning use guidelines set by the Town’s Unified Development Code.  

New Business Inspections & Licensing Requirements

Depending on the type of business, an inspection may be completed by various agencies or Town departments. These inspections may be completed by the following departments:

  • Zoning, Signage, or Banners – Commercial businesses must contact Planning department for approval on the specific kind of business and zoning requirements and sign or banner permits for their business location.
  • Certificate of Occupancy - Commercial businesses must obtain a certificate of occupancy before opening the business. Contractors, subcontractors, and tradesmen must also obtain a Town of Erie Contractors License.
  • Fire Inspections & Permits - Fire protection for the Town of Erie is provided by Mountain View Fire Rescue. Applicants are encouraged to contact the fire department directly to apply for any required fire department permits and to request any required inspections.  
  • Food-Related Businesses - Restaurants, grocery stores, and other food-related businesses in the Town of Erie are regulated by either the Boulder or Weld County Health Departments. Contact the county where your business will reside for more details on what they may need from you.
  • Beer & Liquor Sales - The Town of Erie requires a license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages within Town limits. Any business intending to manufacture, sell or deal in spirituous liquor in the state of Colorado must apply for a liquor license. Please review more information on how to apply for a liquor license

Note: Contractors, subcontractors, and tradesmen need to have a Town of Erie Contractors License but NOT a Business License if they do not have a physical business address in Erie. Please email the Building Department at to obtain a contractor’s license.

  1. General business License
  2. Home Occupation Business License

How to Obtain a General Business License

Step 1 - Gather Info: The following information will be required to complete a business license application:

  • Email address
  • Photo ID matching one of the business contacts
  • Detailed description of the business 
  • Payment in the amount of $50.00
  • Tax ID number 
  • Signature

Step 2 - Access the Application: Please use the customer self-service portal to access the Business License online application.

Step 3 - Register: Register and create an account for the business or log in if you already have an account.

Step 4 - Fill in All Information: After signing in, please click on the Business License link to complete the application.

Step 5 - Review & Approval: Upon receipt of the completed application, the information will be reviewed by several departments. Upon approval, the Business License will be emailed to the email address on file.

Fine Print

Exemptions include the operation of any business exempt by federal or state law, newsboys, or an employee (nanny, telecommuter, etc.). 

Pursuant to Colorado Senate Bill 22- 032 - Simplify Local Sales and Use Tax Administration, the Town of Erie no longer requires businesses to apply for General Business License if, the business does not have a physical location in the Town.

Pursuant to Colorado Senate Bill 21-199 Remove Barriers to Certain Public Opportunities, the Town of Erie no longer requires business applicants to state their citizenship status.

License Fees

General Business/Home Occupation licenses are issued each calendar year and shall be renewed annually on or before Dec. 31 each year.

General Business LicenseFee





Home Occupation LicenseFee





Sales Tax Information

As a statutory town, the Town of Erie’s sales tax is collected by the State of Colorado. The State imposes a sales tax on retail sales/rental/lease of tangible personal property, prepared food and drink, and certain services. Please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue for more information.

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