Town Center

At the Heart of Erie

The 390 acres, around Town Center (the intersection of Erie Parkway and County Line Road) was a study subject by the Urban Land Institute. Their findings show this location is prime for becoming a unique and thriving place with the right mix of retail, office, residential, civic, park and open space uses.

Town Center Illustrative

Latest Updates

Background & History

  • Aug. 25, 2020
    Town Center Update presented to the Board of Trustees.
  • March 2, 2020
    DPZ CoDesign presented to the Planning Commission.
  • February 2020
    DPZ CoDesign provided the Final Work Product for Town Center. 
  • Dec. 10, 2019
    The Board of Trustees approved "in principle" the materials provided by DPZ.
  • November 2019
    The Town selected DPZ CoDesign, an internationally renowned design firm, to conduct a 7-day community visioning exercise to lay the foundation for a shared vision of Town Center.

Charrette Work Product

The project team (Town Staff, DPZ CoDesign and consultants) prepared the Erie Town Center Charrette Work Product to display the existing conditions, charrette design process, Master Plan and illustrative details, and implementation plan.

Code Principles

This report compiled by DPZ CoDesign in partnership with ECO Northwest, the Crabtree Group, Inc., PEL-ONA Architects & Urbanists, and Town Staff outlines the Code Principles for the Town Center Project. Included are the regulating plan - transect zones, special and primary frontages, thoroughfare type and assignment plan, and thoroughfare sections.
View the Erie Town Center Code Principles.