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Let's Start Town Center Together!

An internationally renowned design firm selected the Town of Erie for a 7-day community visioning exercise in November 2019 to lay the foundation for a shared vision of Town Center.
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Town Center MapWhere is Town Center?

The 390 acres, around Town Center (the intersection of Erie Parkway and County Line Road) was recently studied by the Urban Land Institute. Their findings show this location is prime for becoming a unique and thriving place with the right mix of retail, office, residential, civic, park and open space uses. The community was invited to mutually author the making of Town Center during the 7-day Design Charrette.

The Board of Trustees will discuss the Town Center Master Plan at the December 10 regular board meeting (6:30 p.m. at Town Hall).

Submit ideas buttonThe Board of Trustees are accepting comments through November 25, 2019.

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What is a Design Charrette?Charette pictures

A charrette is an intensive planning session where residents, designers and others collaborate on a vision for development. A charrette provides a forum for ideas and offers the unique advantage of giving immediate comments to designers. Charrettes encourage the participation of anyone who is interested in the making of Town Center; developers, business interests, government officials and residents.

Everyone who participates is a mutual author of the plan!

In a charrette the team of designers set up a full working office space. Formal and informal workshops are held throughout the charrette and updates to the master plan are presented periodically.