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Town Center Development

Town Center Study Map DPZThe Town is embarking upon the planning, design, and development efforts, towards Town Center. A Master Plan of the area is underway. Should you have any comments or questions email us at Please also subscribe to Town Center notifications.

Mark your Calendars!

Wednesday November 6th – Tuesday November 12th will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, your organization, friends and family to participate in a weeklong Design Charrette that will help guide the direction of Erie’s “Town Center” – the geographic center of Town at the intersection of Erie Parkway & County Line Road. The Charrette will be conducted by one of the world’s leading planning and design firms, DPZ CoDesign, and led by DPZ’s founding partner, Andres Duany.

What is a Design Charrette?Rainbow over Four Corners Town Center

The charrette is an event intended to engage all interested parties in collaboratively creating the Master Plan. By participating in this event, you can help the Town create a thriving Town Center with a unique sense of place, including the right mix of retail, office, residential, civic, park and open space uses that will thrive in Erie. DPZ will start the charrette with an Opening Presentation at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 6th (location TBD). Please attend that session and learn about DPZ’s approach.

Also, please download the charrette schedule to see which sessions might be of most interest to you and then come to those sessions to listen and share your perspective. Everyone is welcome!


In August of 2019, the Board approved a contract with DPZ CoDesign to develop a master plan for Erie’s Four Corners - town center (the intersection of Erie Parkway and County Line Road).  Town staff have been working with property owners, representatives from adjacent neighborhoods, developers, the Urban Land Institute Technical Advisory Panel and others to determine how best to create a thriving area with a unique sense of place, including the right mix of retail, office, residential, civic, park and open space uses that will thrive in Erie’s market.

This work will address several of the Board’s 2019 Work Plan priorities, including the Unified Development Code update, economic development, place making and community engagement.  DPZ CoDesign is an internationally recognized firm with decades of experience. They apply their expertise through a time and cost efficient “Collaborative Community Design” process that engages all interested parties to produce designs that reflect the community’s vision, and the associated regulatory documents to facilitate that vision.

Technical Advisory Panel

The Town enlisted a Technical Advisory Panel from the Urban Land Institute for assistance in determining the best uses for Town Center. Learn more...

Town of Erie Urban Renewal Authority

Colorado law gives cities and towns the right to form urban renewal authorities which empowers them with certain tools, including eminent domain and tax increment financing, to encourage economic vitality and improve the public safety of an Urban Renewal Authority (URA) project area. Learn More.