Storm Drainage Charges

Monthly Storm Drainage Fee

The Town charges a monthly fee to all customer classes to support the operations of the Storm Drainage Operating Fund. The rate study recommended that the rate structure be based on the impervious square footage.

Residential and Multi-Family

The average single-family residence in Erie has approximately 5,300 square feet of impervious square footage (which includes the house, driveways, sidewalks, and similar surfaces). The monthly fee basis is per Single Family Residential Equivalent (SFRE).

Commercial and Irrigation

Commercial customers will be charged on the basis of how many SFRE's their property has and billed on that basis. For example, a commercial customer has 15,900 square feet of impervious area, they will be billed $35.94 per month in 2021 (15,300 square feet divided by 5,300 square feet is equal to 3 times $11.98/SFRE, or $35.4).

Irrigation accounts will not be assessed a storm drainage fee.