Sustainability at a Glance

The Town of Erie has many renewable energy initiatives and sustainability programs.

News from the Sustainability Ad-Hoc Committee

  • September 2019: The Town of Erie recently leased an electric vehicle to replace an existing traditional gasoline internal combustion engine vehicle that had come to the end of its useful life. This replacement could save Erie tax payers approximately $7,000 over the life of the vehicle.

    An all-electric vehicle (EV) uses no gasoline – it is powered only by its battery, which must be periodically recharged. Electricity is cheaper as a fuel than petroleum and does not produce emissions. Also, An EV requires less maintenance, since electric motor drive has fewer parts, especially moving parts, compared an internal combustion engine. For example, there is no gas tank, carburetor, timing belt, exhaust system, spark plugs, engine oil to change, antifreeze, etc.

    The Town plans more of these vehicles in the future along with more EV charging stations for the communities use. Thanks in part to the the Erie Sustainability Advisory Board for their research and recommendations on EVs and the required infrastructure, your community is becoming more sustainable.
  • View the Erie Sustainability Ad-Hoc Committee Survey results (PDF).

Did you know...

The Town of Erie Department of Public Works uses solar-powered water circulators in the Town’s reservoirs to improve water quality. Read More...

Business Spotlight...

Erie Brewfest

The 5th Annual Erie Brewfest, hosted by the Erie Chamber of Commerce, was Erie's first Zero-Waste Event! Read more information (PDF) on this successful event.