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  1. Community Spotlight - Camp Erie

    Camp Erie

    Since 2008, Camp Erie has been making memories that last a lifetime, and 2020 was no different. “This is our first time with Camp Erie and we are just elated! You made a VERY bizarre 2020 into an AWESOME 2020 and for that, my family is eternally grateful” Read more...
  2. Community Spotlight - Laptops in Laps

    Laptops in Laps

    Through great efforts and passionate work Cindy Hickman, our Active Adults Coordinator, was able to start a program to help Erie older adults gain access to technology they didn’t have before. Read more...
  3. Community Spotlight - Program Guide
  4. Community Spotlight - ECC Image

    Parks & Recreation Department | Current Operations

    We are continuing to make every effort to keep our facilities safe. View frequently asked questions and more...
  5. Community Spotlight - Disc Golf

    Coal Creek Disc Golf Course

    The Coal Creek Disc Golf Course is open daily from sunrise to sunset! View course map, rules, regulations and more...
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