Tree Work Permit

When are Tree Work Permits required?

  • Street trees: A permit is required to plant, prune, remove, or treat any tree or woody plant originating within the public right of way (area located between the curb and the sidewalk) of any street, sidewalk, or alley, or upon other town-owned property within the town without having first obtained a written permit from the Town Forester.
  • Private trees: No permit is required to perform any work on trees located wholly on private properties.

Tree Work Permit Application Process 

Permits are free of charge and are available to the public through the office of the Town Forester.

Only an owner of the property abutting the planting strip, or the owner’s designee, may apply for a tree work permit.

Call Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) at 811 prior to submitting a permit to plant, remove tree, stump grind, or treat trees below soil grade to have the locations of underground utilities marked. This service is free of charge. The Town will not approve any permits until all utility locates have been completed.

Once you have submitted a utility locate request, complete a free Tree Work Permit, the form can be accessed and submitted electronically  please be sure to save a copy of the application for your records.  

Submit a: Tree Work Permit Application (link to permit application opens in a separate window)

Tree Work Permits take approximately three (3) business days to process. Incomplete applications will delay the process.

The applicant shall complete the permit application in entirety and describe the act intended to be done, and the number, species, size, and location of trees to be affected. The applicant shall also explain in the permit application the purpose and proposed manner of doing the act, the name of the person who shall perform the work, and such other information as the town may require.

The applicant shall, at the time of making the application, agree in writing, in all respects, to hold the town harmless and protect the town and the public at all times in connection with the planting, cutting, trimming, pruning, relocation, removal or destruction of any tree or woody plant to be planted, cut, trimmed, pruned, relocated, removed or destroyed under such permit.

After the completed application has been received, the Town Forester, or designee, will visit the site to confirm locations, site conditions, and utility markings. After the site visit, the Town Forester will contact the applicant with any additional or follow up questions if necessary and then return a signed copy of the permit request for the applicant’s records. The Town Forester, or designee, may add stipulations to the permit that must be adhered to as a part of the permitting approval process.

All Tree Work Permits are valid for 30 days following the date issued. Contact the office of the Town Forester if an extension is necessary to complete the work identified within the scope of the approved permit.

The Town Forester shall issue a cease and-desist order to any permittee or its agent found to be in noncompliance with the requirements of any such permit, or with any rules, regulations, standards and specifications and subject to permit revocation.