Nov. 8 Coordinated Election

Nov. 8, 2022 Coordinated Election

Election results for the 2022 Election are considered unofficial until the completion of a state-required audit. 

Please see unofficial results for Town of Erie measures here:

TNACC - Measure 3D

TNACC unoffical results

Creation of Home Rule Charter Commission - 3E

Home Rule unofficial results

Home Rule Charter Commissioners

commissioner unofficial results

Top Nine Commission Vote-Getters (Update Nov. 16)

Ashraf Shaikh46928.12%
Sarah Kornely46268%
Chelsea Campbell45007.78%
Brian O'Connor
Lisa Cunningham43297.49%
Bob Braudes42837.41%
Adam Haid34125.9%
Candace Whitehouse
Ben Hemphill32855.68%