Nine Mile Corner

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Nine Mile Corner is now fully committed, with all available property now leased or sold.  For more information about other available properties contact the Economic Development Team at

Project Concept for Nine Mile Gives Nod to History

Ever hear about the Road of Remembrance Memorial? Know where Nine Mile Corner is located? Before the Town of Erie selected Evergreen as the development partner for the Highway 287 & Arapahoe Retail Center – neither did Tyler Carlson. Mr. Carlson was researching the Town's history this summer when he visited the Erie Historical Society's website and came across a news article titled "Road of Remembrance is Nearly Forgotten." Below is an excerpt from that article written by Silvia Pettem for the Boulder Daily Camera on Dec. 23, 2007.

"Before the Boulder-Denver turnpike (U.S. 36) was opened in 1952, Boulder-bound motorists from Denver drove north on U.S. 287, then turned west on Arapahoe Road. After World War I, the veterans' group, the American Legion, came up with the idea of beautifying Arapahoe as a "Road of Remembrance," complete with a stone gateway. Today, all that's left are the two stone pillars at Nine-Mile Corner, the intersection of Arapahoe Road and U.S. 287."

After reading that article, Carlson had his inspiration. "Thoughtful development of Nine Mile Corner needs to not only complement existing historical architecture, but also honor the 1928 vision of beautifying the intersection where the historic Road of Remembrance Gateway still stands," he said.

On Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015, the Town of Erie Board of Trustees conducted a Special Meeting for the purpose of introducing the Site Plan process for the Highway 287 & Arapahoe Road Retail Center and soliciting feedback from members of the public. During the meeting, representatives from Evergreen including project lead Tyler Carlson presented their Nine Mile Corner project concept which supports Erie's economic growth and celebrates the community's history.

According to Mr. Carlson, the approximately 45-acre site located on the southeast corner of 287 & Arapahoe is significant not only in its prominent location (directly across from the Road of Remembrance Gateway Memorial), but in the tone the development will set for the community in the future. "The shopping center formula is being repackaged to not only enhance the retail experience, but also create a sense of community frequently associated with traditional main streets and downtowns," Carlson said.

The design spirit of Nine Mile Corner recalls the architectural form and architypes found in Historic Downtown Erie. Historic architectural details and design motifs will be executed in a contemporary manner that facilitates critical place-making for neighborhood gathering while balancing the operational needs of tenants. Pedestrian scale, with both passive and active open spaces, will be the overall theme throughout the project, creating a comfortable, walkable environment for the consumer, visitor and employee.