Licenses & Permits

Register Your Business with the Local, State & Federal Agencies

Permits - 2

  1. Visit the Secretary of State of Colorado website to register your business with the State:
    • Consider visiting MyBizColorado as a first stop to organize all information for your license process.
    • You will need to identify an address (even if it is your home address) and select an available business name for your company. Note that this information can be changed at a later date if needed.
  2. Obtain a Federal Tax ID Number from the Internal Revenue Service.
    • All businesses except sole proprietors with no employees need to get a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  3. Visit Colorado Business Express to register your business with the Colorado Department of Revenue and Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
    • This site will guide you through the process of filing for a sales tax license for the State of Colorado, the applicable County and the Town of Erie, as well as a wage withholding account and/or unemployment insurance account.
  4. The Division of Workers' Compensation administers the workers' compensation program.
    • All public and private employers in Colorado, with limited exceptions, must provide workers' compensation coverage for their employees.
  5. If selling or serving prepared food to the public a license from the applicable health agency is required.
  6. If your business is selling liquor visit the Town of Erie Town Clerk for liquor license procedures.

  7. Submit a business license to the Town of Erie.
  8. All businesses, other than home-based businesses, may be required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the Building Division
    • If it is determined a CO is required, applicants shall also submit a Building Permit Application with the Building Division.
    • If you are modifying the building's interior or exterior, other than cosmetic, you will need a building permit and possibly a plan review by the Fire Department. Businesses should contact the Building Division and the Mountain View Fire Protection District to determine what, if any, permits are necessary.
  9. All signs, including changing of a sign face in an existing sign frame requires a separate building (sign) permit from the Erie Building Division.