Marketing & Advertising

Business Signage

Any new sign fixture or change in sign face requires a sign permit from the Town of Erie to ensure that the signs are properly and safely installed and to prevent sign blight. Marketing2

The Building Division can help you with size, location, cost, inspection, and additional details to consider when designing, constructing and installing a sign.

Temporary Signs/Banners/Flags

Each banner or temporary sign requires a Temporary Sign Permit application from the Town of Erie, which allows a business to have a temporary sign for no more than 30 days in a calendar year. 

Advertising Off-Site

To peddle flyers or products door-to-door, a solicitors license application and background review must be completed. 

The Town of Erie Parks and Recreation Department offers opportunities in which your business may partner with the Town that could look like: 

  • Outdoor sign at the Ball Park or scoreboard signs.
  • Banner in the Erie Community Center's gym. 
  • Electronic signs in the lobby of the Erie Community Center.
  • Pet Waste Bag Stations.
  • Sponsor a sport team's uniform.

Businesses may participate in a variety of events in Erie as a form of advertising. The Town, Erie Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations host events throughout the year where vendor booths allow you to connect with event guests face-to-face. 

Contact the Erie Chamber of Commerce to receive details about how you can advertise your business through the Erie Resident Welcome Packets.

Business that are related to tourism or heritage should visit to take advantage of free advertising available through the State of Colorado Tourism Office. 

Many schools offer advertisement opportunities: CU Boulder, St. Vrain Valley School District, Boulder Valley School District, and more either through flyers, banners, ads in publications or sponsorship.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect to your customers through social media

Regulations: See the Erie Municipal Code Sections: 4-1-2 License Fees, 4-3-1 License Required, 7-6-5 Regulations (at parks or recreation facilities) and the Unified Development Code Sections: 10.6.12.C, 10.6.12.F, 10.16.12.B, 10.16.12.B.5.m