Demographics & Data Hub

Most business owners need demographic data to evaluate if their business could be successful in a particular area. It is also an important part of a business plan in order to show possible lenders that there currently iDemographics2s, or will be, sufficient customers to support the business into the future.

Town Resources

  • The Town generates an annual Community Profile that identifies general demographics for the Town as a whole. Topics include population, household income, largest employers, and key intersection details.
  • The Town of Erie also partners with a third-party company to provide a wealth of demographic and property information for potential developers and business owners.

Other Demographics Resources

The Erie Community Library offers a variety of online resources:

  • The DemographicsNow online system allows users to identify a particular location on a map to create demographic reports based on a radius or drive-time distance from the location. 
  • ReferenceUSA allows you to learn more about your competition. Learn who is the primary contact; what the annual sales are at each location and what is spent on a variety of products.

SizeUpLogoThe FREE SizeUp online program allows businesses to learn:

  • How your business measures up to the competition or if starting a business, see if your projections are reasonable for your market;
  • Find where your customers, competition and suppliers are located; and
  • Where you might want to target your advertising dollars to promote your business.

For information about the workforce, the State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment offers a variety of Labor Statistics as well as Workforce Boulder County and Employment Services of Weld County. Find the latest released numbers on industry wages, employment rates and more.

population growth - 3.3% per year
average age of people - 37.5
top employers in Erie