Starting a Business

If you're contemplating starting a business in Erie, there are some basic steps to review to get you started on that path. Browse through the list below, review or download the Starting a Business packet, and contact the Economic Development Department with any additional questions you may have.

Find a printable version of the information provided below.

Below is a guide for new businesses and for businesses that are new to Erie. The information provides step-by-step instructions, and includes information on how to comply with Federal, State, and local regulations. For those moving an existing business to Erie, feel free to skip over the steps that don't apply to you. This also acts as an overview of the organizations and Town of Erie departments that are available at the local level to help and support you through the process, and as you continue to grow your business in the Town.

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More Resources for Business Owners

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Erie Planning

The Town of Erie Planning Division is responsible for reviewing land use applications for development activities such as annexation, zoning, plats, and site plans.

Erie Building Division303-926-2780bldgfax@erieco.govThe Building Division reviews construction plans, issues permits, performs inspections, and enforces ordinances that ensure safe buildings and a healthy environment. 
Mountain View Fire Protection District 303-722-0710info@mvfpd.orgThe Town of Erie partners with the Mountain View Fire Rescue (MVFPD) to inspect all commercial occupancies to ensure compliance with fire codes. Inspections performed by MVFPD are required for building permits on new structures and tenant finishes issued by the Town of Erie, and for all fire-protection system permits issued by MVFPD for structures in Erie. 
Erie Street Division303-926-2858ErieSubmitThe Town of Erie Streets Division is responsible for maintaining all streets and street signs within the Town of Erie, including minor street patching, pothole repair, water break areas, minor drainage issues, road markings, and street signs. 
Erie Business Licenses303-910-1503economicdevelopment@erieco.govThe Town of Erie requires all businesses maintaining or engaging in business to obtain an Annual Business License. This includes, but is not limited to wholesale, retail, service, manufacturing, or contracting within the Town.
Home Occupancy Licenses303-910-1503economicdevelopment@erieco.govThe Town of Erie allows home occupations within residential zoning districts, as long as they meet certain criteria. All home occupations must be registered with the Town by completing a business license application.
Contractor's A Contractor’s License is required to build, construct, alter, repair, add to, demolish, or move any building or structure. The Town’s Building Division administers Contractor’s Licenses which are separate from and in addition to the business licenses. 
Food Service Licensing
Boulder County

Weld County: 970-400-6415 
Restaurants, grocery stores and other food-related businesses in the Town of Erie are regulated by either the Boulder County or Weld County Health Departments.
Green Business Network of Erie303-926-2871
eriegreenbusiness@erieco.govThe Colorado Green Business Network of Erie is a program that encourages, supports, and rewards businesses that make the move toward the goal of operating sustainability. The fee associated with obtaining a Business License is waived for businesses certified through the Colorado Green Business Network of Erie!
Erie Chamber of The Erie Chamber offers business opportunities to succeed and grow through connecting commerce and community. The Chamber works hard at supporting the local businesses and providing opportunities for them to interact with each other. 
Erie Economic Development Council EEDC’s mission is to "promote the Town of Erie’s central location to transportation and educational facilities, skilled workforce, quality residential options and affordable new development opportunities to primary employers."
Erie Community Library
888-861-7323Contact the Library
Public libraries play a vital role in providing support and resources to businesses in the community. The Erie Community Library offers free space for meetings, business workshops, and free access to many online and print resources to help start and grow your business.
Community Outreach Coordinator303-926-2832 This position strives to provide a consistent point of contact which is immersed in the Police Department who can build connections with businesses and community members while supporting staff. 

  1. Research Competition
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  5. Find Employees
  6. Signs & Marketing
  7. Stay Connected

Before anything else, conducting market research and understanding any competitors in the area is a good place to begin. Ensure there is sufficient demand in the area for your business and whether the demographic in the community will contribute to long term success. 


The Erie Community Library offers two databases available to cardholders that can be used to conduct market research, locate sales leads, locate companies, and more.

  • Mergent Online
  • ReferenceUSA

The State of Colorado offers a variety of databases at Colorado Information Marketplace. Look up businesses registered in the State, demographics, and much more.

The SizeUp online program allows entrepreneurs to learn:

  • How your business measures up to the competition or if starting a business if your projections are reasonable for your market.
  • Find where your customers, competition, and suppliers are located.
  • Where you might want to target your advertising dollars to promote your business.