Fee Schedules

The fees for any permits or inspections required by the codes and Town amendments shall be established from time to time by resolution of the Town Council. There are several permit-related fees that are collected in order to release/issue permits. Depending on the project or scope these may include:

  • Development fees (tap fees and raw water fees)
  • Permit fees (building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing)
  • Plan review fee (65% of permit fee)
  • Temporary electric inspection fee
  • Sales/Use Tax (Town of Erie and County)
  • Impact fees (Residential or Commercial)

A full list of the latest list of adopted fees for all Town services can be found in Resolution No. 23-141

Fee Type
Fee Amount
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Amusement devices, pinball games, music boxes, etc.:

    Dealer license


    Operator license, first device


    For each additional device


Annexation Elections

Fee established by the Town Clerk's division based on actual costs. Costs are prorated and charged back to individual applicants.

Backyard chicken license


Chicken License

Billiard halls, game rooms, and restaurants; license


    Plus, for each room over one


Billiard tables, shuffleboard tables, other games and shooting galleries; license for first table, shooting gallery, etc.


    Plus, for each additional table, shooting

5.00 gallery, etc.

Block parties

25.00 per day

Block Party Permit
Open Container/Private Event Permit25.00 per eventOpen Container/Private Event

Commercial business license

50.00 per year

Business Licenses
Mobile Vendor Permit50.00 per yearMobile Vendor

Door-to-door solicitation license (no group rates):

Per individual

35.00 per month
100.00 per year

Solicitor Permit Badge

Handbill, flier, or billposter distributor's license

5.00 per day
25.00 per month
50.00 per year

Handbill Permit

Home occupation license

25.00 per year

Business Licenses

Junk dealers

25.00 per 3 months
50.00 per year

Liquor License fees

Those local liquor license fees established and set forth in the State Liquor Code. A list of the fees is available in the Town Clerk's Office.

Liquor License Fees

Manufacturing or assembly license

100.00 per year

Medical marijuana patient registration:

    Application fee


    Late application fee


Medical marijuana primary caregiver license:

    Application fee


    Late application fee


Promotional Associations:

Promotional Associations

    Application for Promotional Association

500.00 per year

    Application for attachment to a Common 
    Consumption Area

100.00 per year

    Application for recertification of a 
    Promotional Association

100.00 per year

Special events (Town fair, parade, procession, open air meeting, circus, carnival, or similar exhibition):

Community Events Permit

    Application processing fee


    Permit fee