Fee Schedules

Fee Schedules

The fees for any permit or inspections required by the codes shall be established from time to time by ordinance of the Board of Trustees. For projects that contain mechanical, plumbing, electrical and building construction, a separate fee will be charged for each trade. 

All new development within the Town of Erie may be subject to the following fees. Please direct any questions concerning the fees to the appropriate division below. The following list includes, but is not necessarily limited, to the following fees:

Building Fees – Building Division 303-926-2780

  • Building Permit (Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical)    
  • Residential
  • Commercial

Impact Fees – Director Planning & Development 303-926-2770

  • Storm Drainage Impact
  • Public Facilities Impact
  • Transportation Impact
  • Parks Impact (Residential)

Development Fees – Public Works 303-926-2895

  • Water Tap
  • Sewer Tap
  • Raw Water – (calculated based on use)

Engineering Fees – Engineering Division 303-926-2870

  • NWRF (North Water Reclamation Facility Reimbursement) Interceptor per (SFE)
  • Coal Creek Interceptor per (SFE)
  • Vista Ridge Interceptor per (SFE)
  • West Side Interceptor per (SFE)
  • Other Developmental costs (i.e. oversizing)

Miscellaneous Fees – Finance 303-926-2700

  • Use Tax
  • Boulder County Tax