Building Division

Daily inspection limit

Due to current staffing, the Building Division is limiting the number of inspections that can be requested each day.  Any inspections over this limit will be rolled to the following business day.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ABLE TO PROVIDE TIME WINDOWS FOR INSPECTIONS.  

2020 National Electrical Code now adopted

The Town of Erie Board of Trustees has adopted the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC) to be effective August 21, 2021.  Please be advised: any and all electrical work permitted in the Town after September 21, 2021 will be required to comply with the 2020 NEC.

Town Hall is now open. 

Town Hall is now open to the public. Appointments are no longer required.  People that are not fully vaccinated are asked to wear a mask.

The Building Division continues to accept applications electronically thru the Self-Service Portal (preferred), or via email.  Please see the Permit Submittal and Inspection Requirements page to ensure your submittal is complete to aid in prompt review and approval.  All permit types are not yet represented here.

If you need to speak to an inspector to cancel a scheduled inspection, or for any other reason please call 303-926-2780 in order to leave a message or send an email.  WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ABLE TO PROVIDE TIME WINDOWS FOR INSPECTIONS. 

Note: Some projects require a minimum setback from property line whether or not a building permit is required. Please see the Building Division for required subdivision setbacks and property easements. No part of any structure may project into an easement per Section 10-4-2 of the Municipal Code.

Before You Dig

Before digging, call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado at 800-922-1987. It’s fast, free, and it is the law. Call at least three days before you plan to dig. Protect yourself, your family, and your neighborhood.

  1. Apply for Permits
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  4. Policies

There are several ways to apply for permits.  Please use only one method.  Please do not apply more than once.

Please see the "Permit Submittal and Inspection Requirements" page for information on submittal requirements.

Apply for Permits via the...undefined Opens in new window

Please be advised, staff is not notified when additional documents are uploaded to the Portal.  If you are providing additional information, uploading a requested document, or submitting a revised plan, please send an email  indicating you have done this so the document(s) may be processed.

Apply for permits via email

Applications can be printed from the "Building Permit Applications" page and sent in with all required documentation to the Building Division to the email address on the application.

Rapid Plan Review