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Inspection & Permit Timing

At this time, Building Permits that do NOT require a plan review will take approximately 4 days to complete. 

Building Permits that DO require a basic plan review such as decks, pergolas, basements, remodels, detached garages, etc. will take approximately 4 weeks to complete.

The Building Division is currently capping the total number of inspections scheduled each business day for capacity and feasibility. Inspection requests over the daily cap will be rolled to the next business day. This may extend the typical time for inspections to be scheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you need to speak to an inspector to cancel a scheduled inspection, or for any other reason please call 303-926-2780 in order to leave a message or send an email.  

Notice to Contractors

  • The Town of Erie adopted the 2021 International Fire Codes that went into effect April 7, 2023.
  • The Town of Erie adopted the 2021 I-Codes and related amendments that went into effect Jan. 20, 2023. 
    • An April 1, 2023 “grace period” date for compliance was enacted and then extended for up to six months to allow for adequate review and adjustment to the 2021 I-Codes, specifically the energy code amendments and residential fire sprinkler provisions. 

Latest Update - Sept. 7, 2023

On Aug. 22, 2023, the board of trustees adopted the 2023 NEC and new 2021 IECC amendments. These will go in effect on Oct. 1, 2023. 

I-Code Grace Period

Be advised, the extended “grace period” for compliance to the adopted 2021 I-Codes will expire Sept. 30, 2023.  Building permit applications submitted on and after Oct. 1, 2023, shall be accepted, reviewed, approved, permitted, and inspected for compliance to the 2021 I-Codes and applicable amendments.

View the Building Codes page for more details.

The Building Division continues to accept applications electronically through the Self-Service Portal (preferred), or via email. Please see the Permit Submittal and Inspection Requirements page to ensure your submittal is complete to aid in prompt review and approval. All permit types are not yet represented here.

Note: Some projects require a minimum setback from property lines whether or not a building permit is required. Please see the Building Division for required subdivision setbacks and property easements. No part of any structure may project into an easement per Section 10-4-2 of the Municipal Code.

PROJECTS ARE REQUIRED TO CONFORM TO PLANNING DIVISION STANDARDS, CODES, AND REGULATIONS. Please contact the Planning Division prior to designing your project to ensure you are familiar with the requirements that apply to your location. Requirements can also be found in the Unified Development Code.

Before You Dig

Before digging, request an underground utility locate through the Utility Notification Center of Colorado. Call 811 or 800-922-1987. It’s fast, free, and it's the law. Call at least three days before you plan to dig. Protect yourself, your family, and your neighborhood.