Water Restrictions

No Mandatory Watering Restrictions 

are currently in place in the Town of Erie.

The Town of Erie's Water Conservation Plan consists of three levels of watering restrictions designed to limit water usage. Level III calls for the highest amount of water savings and would only be required in times of emergencies, whereas Levels I and II encourage conservation and enforce water savings during a drought. The Town encourages voluntary compliance with Level I at all times.  The table below summarizes the water restriction levels.


Level  I 

Current Status: Voluntary Compliance

Level  II

Level  III

Landscape Watering- Single-family homes, multifamily, homes, schools, HOAs, parks, and right-ofways Lawn watering and drip irrigation allowed twice per week Lawn watering allowed
once per week. Drip
irrigation allowed twice per week.
No lawn watering. Drip irrigation allowed once per week.
Hand Watering of all plants other than lawns Allowed at all times Allowed twice per week Allowed twice per week
New Lawn Exemptions
Seed and Sod
No Restrictions. 

Should Level I become mandatory - Permit Required.
Permit Required

No new lawns allowed

Public Improvement
Projects:  Non-Residential
irrigation taps
No Restrictions.

Should Level I become mandatory - Administrative review on case by case basis.
Administrative review on case by case basis Administrative review on case by case basis
Car Washing: Not
including commercial car
No restrictions Use of bucket and
automatic shutoff device
No outdoor car washing
Commercial Car Washing No restrictions No restrictions Monitored
Non-residential Pools No restrictions Monitored Administrative review
Construction Water No restrictions.  Should Level I become mandatory - Administrative review required. Administrative review Administrative review
Indoor Water Usage No restrictions No restrictions No restrictions